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FDHS Library News - Volume 1 Issue 5

Tech Tidbit: Infographics

We are all familiar with the age-old methods of assessing students--essays, papers, worksheets, tests, etc. But have you considered changing it up and trying infographics? When students create infographics, they are using information, visual, and technology literacies. It challenges them to put information together in a creative way and serves as a good way to show learning. Below is an example infographic (that talks about using infographics!). There are many different apps and websites that you can use to create these. The one that I have been using this year is Canva. Want to explore using these in your classroom? Let me know!

There are a lot of great ideas on Kathy Shrock's Guide to Everything. She is an experienced educator with lots of information and ideas to share! Her site is where I got the infographic below. :)

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Are You Up for a Reading Challenge???

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Featured Books: Gateway 2015-16 Nominees


What was the name of the dog who appeared in Bud Light commercials in 1987?

*Know the answer? Come to the Media Center to claim a prize. :)

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