Ancient Rome and Medieval times

Comparing ancient rome and medieval times

Family life of the Medieval times

The Medieval household was like the modern households, the centuries of family

Life for all classes of European society.

Family life

Rome:Early roman vluse included loyaltte to the many goddess.

Medieval times schools

also forgot that in Medieval times there used to be school and boys were allowed to go to school only to train to be a knight when they grow up.

Economy's of the Rome people

The streets of rome were busy with traders and shoppers. Shops sold perfume,paint,rope,

books,and herbs

Economy's of the Medieval times people

One jobs in the castle are being a porter. they took care of the doors, especially the main entrance. Some of the jobs in a Medieval town are being a baker , stone carver, potter, blacksmith, and others.

Rome foods

People at Rome ate olives, olive oil, wheat, grapes, and wine.

Medieval times food

At Medieval feasts they ate turkey legs. They also eat potato's, rice. They drank beer they did not drink water because water wasn't purified or anything, so it wasn't safe to drink water.

Ancient Rome

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Contributions of the Ancient Romans to the World (Full Documentary)

Medieval times

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The Medieval Times- Manor Life to City Life


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