Come to our wonderful volcano hotel

Some may not be active

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The composite volcano is middle sized, dangerous, common, and active. It is formed from the convergent boundary and is made from lava, ashes, cinders, and rocks. like Mt. Fuji

The shield volcano is the largest, widest, and flattest/shortest volcano. It is made out of lava rocks and is formed on the divergent boundary like Cerro Negro

The cinder-cone volcano is the tallest, is made of cinders, lava shoots into the air, and is on a transform boundary like Mauna Loa

The daily cinder

Have fun at the cinder-cone resort. Take a relaxing spa at the cinderator. Also take a look around the nature walk called the Panther. The hotel is nice and neat and smells fresh all the time. The cleaning will be done for you. Have great meals at the all time buffet ( buy the membership and get 50% off everything). There is a gift shop and stores and also a mini market. Buy what you want and make good use of it. We will also go on a three day walk to the volcano and look around then zip-line.


If you are the type to like danger, today is your big day. Stay here at the composite hotel and have a hike. Play with the frozen snow. Go scuba diving in the hot spring, glide across the volcano, or if you like peace go to the petting zoo and get free horseback riding lessons. The restaurant here is Korean based meaning there are only Korean foods. Just remember to be careful because the volcano is the most dangerous and can erupt any time.

Shield Rocks

Sure it may be flat and long, but it is just as cool as the other volcanoes. Here we have a multi-cultural restaurant meaning that the restaurant is full of different foods. Again there is room service and the rent is a bit more cheaper than the other ones. Have your rooms as big or as small as you like. Go skiing along to the World of Fun and ride roller coasters and have ... that's right