Oregon Trail Journal

Day 1

On the Oregon trail many families will go through hardships and have a tough time on the trail. My family is ready to take on the journey and I will be taking a journal of it. My name is Jeff and I am a male from Philadelphia. I brought $400 with me and we can only carry 1000 BWU of supplies, food, weapons, ect. I hope that this trip goes well withno injuries and no harm.

Today we are starting our trip. In the beginning we found a river with a fairy or we could cross it by forging it. The fairy cost $25 and it will guarantee that you are safe. Our family decided to use the fairy and pay $25. We made it across safe and so did the people who forged the river. We met with some Native Americans that wanted to take us hunting. We caught nothing and we broke our rifles. That is the end of day one.

Day 2

Yesterday was a bad day and I hope it gets better today and we don't lose precious supplies or food. Today I have $375 left and 198 BWU's left because of my supplies and losing a rifle during my hunting trip yesterday. My family is still safe from disease and injury and I hope it stays that way. Everybody will have a horrible time on the Oregon trail some how so I hope we run into the least possible trouble. We are very lucky so far and I am happy about that.

Today we ran into a tribe leader who wanted to challenge us. We were given a dice and rolled. we had a challenge and we won 5 boxes of ammo and 5 much needed blankets for our long and hopefully not cold journey. Next we came across a big river either we could take a fairy across the river and be guaranteed safe or we can forge the river. We decided to pay $50 and use the fairy which was a great decision because the people who forged it, had there wagon tipped and lost some supplies. We were extremely lucky today because we are all safe without harm.

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Day 3

On the Oregon trail so far some peoples family members have died. Some of them from injuries, some of them from animals, and some from accidents. Everybody is seaming to have a horrible time on the Oregon trail for many different reasons. We have somehow made it very luckily this far. My family is safe from harm and I am very happy about that.

Today we ran into a trail called the Burial trail which is suppose to be a very fast trail but dangerous. We got stopped by Native Americans and we got lucky by rolling a good number and got of free. Some people got hurt and even killed for rolling bad. now I have $330 and we picked the massacre trail. I hope we picked a good trail and I hope we get through this safe.

Day 4

My family is still very safe which is a blessing to me and my wife. We cant wait to get to this beautiful land and maybe we can mine for gold. Today is our last day and we are on are last leg of the trip and we are doing the best out of most of the wagon trains. Lets hope we stay ahead of everyone and we stay safe.

At the beginning of the massacre trail we run into a bunch of snow blocking the trail. We lost 500 BWU's for not having a pick axe or a shovel to move it. We rolled a dice and lost 500 speed points and that slowed us down. we are almost there and we have a challenge to throw a dice into a garbage can and Joe makes it. We make it safe with money left over so we are very happy.