French Les Miserables

Naeem, Giorgy, and Devyn (Setting/Place/Events)

General Knowledge

L'histoire des Misérables commence dans 1815. Les gens pauvres étaient furieuse parce que de difficultés économiques

The audience witnesses a population plagued by decades of oppression, warfare, economic strife, famine, and disease. Despite all of the revolutions and changing political parties, the lower classes still have little voice in society.

In the story, Valjean's relatively tranquil existence becomes imperiled when Cosette falls in love with Marius, a young member of "Friends of the ABC," a fictional organization created by author Victor Hugo, one that mirrors many of the small revolutionary groups of the time. Valjean risks his life by joining the rebellion in order to save Marius.


1789- La Revolution de France commence

1799- Napoleon Bonaparte Devient Emperor de France

1815- Napoleon est exile, Louis XVIII devient Roi

1824- Charles X devient Roi

1830- La Deuxieme Revolution de France

1832- La Rebellion de Juin

French Test


1) Quel est le nom du roman?


2) Qui devient empereur?


3) Quand est-ce que Charles X arriver en la puissance?


4) Quand est-ce que la deuxième révolution française commencer?


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