Social Committee News & Notes


The GP Social Committee is an integral part of our school culture. Through the Social Committee's efforts, we are able to foster a positive, fun working environment for all staff members. Dues are collected so that the Social Committee can support the staff members in various ways. Check out what the Social Committee does for our campus.

Fall Party

The Social Committee provides various items for the party which could include: facility rental, food costs, beverage costs, paper goods. Often times the Social Committee will fund part of the costs while the staff member contributes the other half. For example: The Social Committee may provide the appetizers while the staff members provide their own drinks. This party is typically an adults only event.

Spring Party

Same as above. This party usually is a GP family event where children of staff members are invited as well.

Retirement Party

The Social Committee will work with administration to provide a reception to honor the service of the staff member. This might include finger foods, cake, punch, gift, etc. We want this to be a nice event to recognize a career in education.

Staff Luncheons & Other Events

The Social Committee may pay for items throughout the year to foster positive morale and team camaraderie. This could be celebrating national events such as Candy Corn Day or providing treats to the staff. For luncheons, the Social Committee may help fund part of the luncheon such as the turkeys for the Thanksgiving Feast. Other staff luncheons will be coordinated by the Social Committee.

Anticipated Expenses Throughout the Year - Social Committee Guidelines

* Faculty/Staff in Hospital: treat, balloons, or plant - up to $25

* Spouse of faculty/staff in hospital - send card

* Child of faculty/staff in hospital - toy or balloons - up to $15

* Death of spouse, parent, child, sibling of faculty/staff - plant or book in library - up to $25. Grade level responsible for meals, etc. Grade level is also responsible for deciding if a plant will be sent or a book will be donated in memory of the loved one. Social Committee rep will notify the school secretary of the team preference.

* Death of in-laws, grandparents - card

* Death of students - plant to funeral home - up to $25

* Faculty/staff leaving at end of year - gift to honor years of service

* Christmas gift certificates to Cafeteria/Custodial staff - $10/person

* Bosses’ Day - $50.00 each Principal and AC

* Gifts for Secretary’s & Attendance Clerk (April- Administrative Assistant Day), Librarian’s Day, Nurse’s Week, Counselor’s week - $35.00 limit

* Faculty/staff birthdays - wreath on door, PTO recognition (Spoons gift card)

Grade Levels & Teams:

The grade level can do additional things to support their team member during a difficult time. This is especially encouraged when a loved one, other than family members listed above, is sick and/or in the hospital. The team can provide a card/gift for a staff member when family members that are not immediate family (such as in-laws) are ill or have passed away. The team can provide more of a personal support for the staff member such as providing food, dog sitting, house cleaning, etc. as they see appropriate.

Grade Level Team Rep:

It is the responsibility of the grade level/team social rep to inform the Social Committee President or designee of a need to respond with a card or gift. The Social Committee President or designee will then notify the secretary to provide funds from the Social Committee budget. This helps to ensure that all of the above expectations are met and not overlooked.