Internet Saftey

By Addison


Cyberbullying is bullying through Internet applications and technologies such as instant messaging, social networking sites, and cell phones. It can start easily with a rumor, a photo, or a forwarded message, and just as easily spiral out of control.

Exposure of inappropriate material

Don't tell anyone your passwords, phone numbers, address, city/town, etc. It is not safe tell someone online any of those things because they could track you. You might think you are talking to a 12 year old girl, but you might be talking to a creepy guy that is planning on kidnapping you.
Keep Kids Safe Online Workshop

Online predators

Online predators can reach farther than you think. You might be trying to plan and meet up with them at the park at 1:30. What you don't know is that you're going to meet someone you thought you knew. Nope, you might fall into the hands of an irresponsible adult.
UNICEF Digital Citizenship and Safety- cyberbullying

Identity theift

You NEVER give out your personal information. It could put your whole family in danger. Cyberbullies could hack into your parents banking account and take a bunch of money.
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Social Networking

If you have an Instagram account, you should make it private so not just any random people could follow you. They could stalk you on your page, where you took that picture, who your friends are, etc. Same goes for Facebook, Snap chat, Kik, etc. Even though Snap chat is already private, don't accept any follow request of any people you don't know.
Social Networking in Plain English


Never respond to mean or rude texts, emails, messages. Delete any unwanted messages. You may need to delete friends who are consistently bothering you or post things about you that are inappropriate. Try not to let them get to you.
Austin & Ally - The Cast Discuss Bullying - Official Disney Channel UK HD


If you couldn't say it to someones face, don't send it. I have also heard before, if you wouldn't send it to your grandma, don't send it to anyone else.
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Stand Up

If you see someone being bullied or they say something to you about what people are texting them, take notice. If they say don't tell anyone, you need to tell an adult because it might not get any better and they can also help.
Stand Up and Be Heard: Aryiana Hill


Check with parents before downloading or installing software or doing anything that could possibly hurt our computer or mobile device or jeopardize your family’s privacy.
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If anything makes you feel uncomfortable online, while gaming or when using your cell phone, talk with your parents or guardian right away.

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