January 23rd ArtBeat!

January 23-27, 2023. Updates from the Academic Arts team


A Look Ahead: Students will finish creating the expectations, norms and rules they would like for dance class this quarter. Students will then sign it with their foot since we dance with our bodies in class not just our hands.

Highlights from Last Week: Loved getting to see all the new classes (K3, 1C, 2C, 3C, 4C and 5C)! I have missed these kids so much and glad to finally have them!

Reminders: Please remember if your child has dance to wear clothing that is great for moving while still keeping in mind the NCCAE dress code. As well as shoes that can easily come on and off.

Excited to get to see all new classes but miss my last classes as well! Mrs. Majewski


Welcome to Drama Class Second Quarter with Ms. Gordon at NCCAE!

Students have been playing get-to-know-you games with Ms. Gordon, learning all about each other and how they can work together as a class to be successful!

Reminders: We SOAR in the drama room: Safe, Organized, Always Respectful, Responsible.

General Music

A Look Ahead: Welcome to Music (Officially!)

I am so excited to welcome our new 4th Grade, 2nd Grade, 1st Grade, Kindergarten, and Childhood Development friends to the music room this quarter! .

  • Students will learn the classroom procedures and practice how we can follow our school SOAR rules in music
  • 4th Grade students will also work together to decide on classroom norms using communication and team work skills

Highlights from Last Week:

  • Students received very high compliments from the substitute and worked together to keep the classroom safe while Ms. Thornburg was away!

Reminders: Continue to encourage students to work towards classroom goals and rewards.

Visual Art

A Look Ahead: line vocabulary, landscapes, single-point perspective

Highlights from Last Week: Reviewing classroom expectations, still-life watercolors, using language to generate images

Reminders: Smocks and t-shirts are always available to protect clothing. Please remind students to make use of them if this is a concern.

Physical Education

.A Look Ahead: Students in grades 3-5 will be working on throwing. Students will be playing the game Castleball. that will focus on both throwing for distance as well as accuracy. K-2 classes will be using hula hoops to build hula huts and focus on teamwork.

Highlights from Last Week: Students in PE reviewed PE Class Expectations and showed they understood them as they exercised by jumping rope and hula hooping.

Reminders: Students should wear sneakers on the day they have PE class.