Dells use of electronic sweatshops

Dell makes cheep products through electronic sweatshops.

What are electronic sweatshops

If your a nerd like me you most likely use a lot of tech. One of your primary sources of tech is probably DELL. As I did my on Dell research I found that Dell uses things called electronic sweatshops. Electronic sweatshops are found in major Chinese cities in China such as Beijing or Hong Kong. Electronic sweatshops are a place where underaged workers are assembling large amounts of iPhones, iPods, laptops, PCs, monitors, etc. . They are underpaid and forced to work over time. Others Signed into contacts they don't understand. Some forced to be welding wires to mother boards and phone chips. If you've ever been to China you'll probably say that you've never seen such factories. That is because the government wants you and everyone from the outside world to see the best of China (Even in my video below I was not able to get a video that shows complete picture). These electronic sweatshops cut corners to insure the cheapest sells to their companies. Many of these electronic sweatshops don't have proper ventilation, open exits, and safe equipment. This makes it hot and dangerous to work in these factories. Many of the factory workers, however, don't have a choice with so many Chinese citizen there's no better jobs that they could do with their poor education.

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The story of the Foxconn Chengdu Explosion

On May 10 2011 there was an explosion an the Foxconn Chengdu factory in China. It was a major distributed of products to Dell and many other electronic brands. The explosion resulted in three deaths and sixteen injuries. After an investigation was held from October 2010 to June 2011. After that investigation many major electronic companies were found to have used Illegal and unsafe electronic sweatshops.

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Made in China - Factory of the World - Documentary
Watch 5:00-6:00 to find out how much work they do.

How YOU Can Help

You might say well what can I do. There are plenty of things you can do to stop electronic sweatshops. Write a letter or email to your favorite electronics supplier telling them your not going to buy or use thief products until they change their way and you'll tell your friends and pears to do the same. Or better yet, email your favorite YouTuber telling them to spread the word about and fight against electronic sweatshops. Another thing you could do is talk on your own channel about it if ,you have one.
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