Author: Deepika Krishnan

So hard you may "crack" under the pressure

Try not not to let this challenge scramble your brain! In the summer MOSAIC class Egg Drop students are challenged to make a contraption that protects their egg from a dizzy drop. The students are to make 2 contraptions. One that lets you use limited items and one that you can use any item, but the egg has to be exposed.

The Process

I sat down with a couple of students asking them how they were protecting their egg. Vedin Barve and Vittore Zanelli said, " To protect the egg we were going to wrap it in a tamale like form. We actually took cardboard and going to fold it over tissue paper, so its layers over layers. After that we attached cups on the top, so that when the contraption falls the air will be caught in the cups."

Riya Bhuta said she made a box for the egg to sit in and then made a parachute on top. Just like a hot air balloon. Its so it floats down nicely.

The Teacher

I sat down with the teacher for the class, Nick Coenraad, and asked him a few questions.

Deepika: How is this environment different from the science class you teach.

Mr. Coenraad: Not very different because they get to have a lot of hand on thinking, and building.

Deepika: What is the point of this?

Mr. Coenraad: The point is to understand some different physics concepts, and being able to put those concepts into use and apply what they know into building something.

The results of the first

ALL OF THE EGGS BROKE! Except one happy group's. Vittore Zanelli and Vedin Barve were excited when their egg was the only one that survived. Congrats Vedin and Vittore! :)

The Next Step

In the second experiment students can use any materials they want, but the egg has to be exposed! Wish good luck to the students! The CGA MOSAIC Times hope that they don't get their wits scrambled! For more information on the Egg drop class and others go to