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Bi-Monthly Fine Arts Teacher Communication

Excellence does not happen by chance, but by planning and action. Have you nominated a Champion of the Arts yet?

We have so many excellent celebrations happening across the district in our Fine Arts programs. Many of our marching bands have done superbly at band competitions and Music Performance Assessments this past month, including WFHS which placed 3rd overall in their class at a recent rigorous competition. A whole newsletter could be written about our marching bands alone! Excellence in visual art can be viewed all week in building #2 of the Pensacola Interstate Fair where WHS and Woodham were awarded the outstanding art program awards for the exhibit. We had five teachers awarded Grants for Excellence from the Foundation for Excellence last week: Derek Akhi, choral director at Bellview Middle, Sarah Ingram, art teacher at WFHS, Cathy Melton, music teacher at Weis, Jean Odom, theater director at N. B. Cook and Katherine Powell, music teacher at Molino Park. We also have several teachers who have been named Teacher of the Year for their school including: Lawrence Young, band director at WHS and Marcy McGahan, art teacher at Helen Caro (The official district list is not out yet, so if I omitted anyone forgive me and let me know!). The point is, your excellence could not happen without someone who has helped you behind the scenes. Please take time to recognize anyone who has helped you achieve excellence by nominating them as a champion for the arts. Complete this form:

Last year we had 67 Champions. This year I challenge you to nominate even more! We will honor them at the Champion for the Arts Gala on March 1st, 2016.

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High School 2nd Semester Exams Resources

Resources for high school fine arts teachers for the submission of 2nd semester exams are located in the email attachments. A helpful powerpoint on creating a good stem for multiple questions is included. Blue prints for exams that were identified for the district EOCs are located on the Fine Arts website. If you need help writing your exam I will be happy to meet with you.

Vision 2020 Focus: Collaborative Teachers

Each newsletter, I will focus on a different aspect of the district's Vision2020. This week I will focus on teacher collaboration.

District Vision: Create a district where parents want to send their children, students want to learn, teachers want to teach, and employees want to work.

2015-2016 Focus: Personalized Learning for adults and students (strategies to including Genius Time and Maker Spaces/Innovation Centers

October is Connected Educator Month:

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Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) is one way we can be connected educators. Often, teachers are assigned or form PLCs only to find that the learning community shifts from learning time to business time or gripe sessions. So what is a PLC and how to conduct them properly? Robert DuFour wrote an article for ASCD that answers these two questions.

What is a Professional Learning Community” by Robert DuFour

If you are interested in establishing a face-to-face or virtual PLC (using Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Voxer, Google +, DEN Community, etc) Feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to help you establish a PLC or PLN (Personal/Professional Learning Network). Many areas have already created their own Google Classrooms. Thanks Band Directors, Strings and Middle School Art teachers for leading the way in collaboration. Finally, please note that 10% of your E3 is based on your participation in professional development.