Soldotna Area Schools

Reconfiguration Project

The first of many,

Good Morning. This is the first of many newsletters that will be communicating information about the Soldotna Area Schools Reconfiguration Project (SASRP). Yesterday I had the opportunity to share initial plans and timelines. Please remember that these timelines are goals that we will do everything possible to achieve but when it comes to things associated with HR, process is more important that timeline.

The SASRP Task Force that will be making recommendations about school names, colors, mascots, and other cultural and historic issues will be forming soon. The first meeting is September 10, at 5:30pm. This task force will meet every other week until the end of November when we will present our recommendations to the KPBSD School Board. One student, one staff member, and one person nominated by each site team from SMS, SVHS, and SOHI will be on the task force along with 3-5 "members at large" who will apply to be on the committee. If you know of anyone who wishes to be on this committee, who is not a staff or site team member, please direct them to the application on line at: or they can find the link on the KPBSD website.

I have pasted the proposed timeline on the bottom of this letter.

It my intention to communicate, communicate, communicate- the work that is being planned and done in regard to setting up the reconfiguration. If you have any questions or would like to provide input to me directly please email me at:

Thank you for your part in making this reconfiguration a positive move for our students.


Doug Hayman

Draft of Projected Timeline

As we look out:

June-July - Admin team
August- December - Task Force
August -September - Staff meetings with project facilitator
September- Administrative assignments announced
Quarterly meeting with Admin for timely decisions
September - May- Joint Staff meetings (admin schedule)
September- May- Joint student events
December- Announce Task Force decisions
January 15- Announce staffing assignments
At the end of each sport season staff and equipment decisions organized and announced
February 1- Start site prep- Make the plan of what and who to move.
April 15- H.S. and M.S. schedules drafted for 14-15
May 19-20- Graduations
May 20- Move day (with student help)
May 21- Joint celebration