Travel narrative artifact

By Ryan Reck

My Travel narrative was about my trip with my dad to Canada.

My values I learned were;

1 father son trip

2 fishing

3 patience

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Father Son Trip Value

The best part about the trip is no mom or brothers to bother you.This father son trip really made me open up my eyes to why my dad said this trip was so important. You get to just be with your dad doing guy things, like fishing and being outside sleeping in a cabin.
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Fishing Value

You don't only throw back or release the small fish but the really big fish you release cause the medium size fish taste better. With the fishing came how to tie the lure on and how to set up the poles and how to clean them and treat them the right way for the first time, because usually when younger my dad just did it but now it was my turn to start doing it to my rods and reels.My dad said "you have to treat your rods and reels like your kids.
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Patience Value

Patience comes from the waiting for a fish to bite. It can take all day just for one fish to bite if it's a bad day, but it could be a good day and you're catching a lot of fish all day. When in Canada we would go hours without catching fish and would move around the huge lake.Patience is a key value to have in life because, it makes people be able to wait on things in life.
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