stop cyberbullying

stop it before it stops you

what is cyberbullying

its where someone is bullying someone online

examples of cyberbullying

examples are texting , emails , rumors

three differences between cyberbullying and bullying

cyberbullying your online or over text or throw email

bullying your in person calling names in person pushing or fighting the person

effects of cyberbullying

  • heath problems
  • skip school
  • dont want to go to school
  • take drugs
  • drink aloha

prevention and awareness

the mom or dad can be friends with you online look throw your online pages and see what everyone is saying

establishing rules

don't start anything on line block someone that is being mean to you don't add anyone you dont know

reporting a cyberbully

make there profile privet block some one that's being mean and just report the person

report to your online service provider

send them a email or go to the online site and talk to someone in a online help chat room

report to your local law enforcement

someone harassing you every day saying really bad things to you or telling you they will harm you or for you to hurt your self

report to your school

they can start to take care of the problem right when the kid comes up to the teacher about it

the school can punish the kid for it