Intro to Coding Camp

Screen Free Coding with Matatalab

Coding Is Essential

Coding encourages exploration and experimentation. Together, coding and STEM literacy build mastery in problem solving, logical thinking, cause and effect, and critical thinking, allowing students to create not just consume content.

There are many resources and tools available to teach coding and our favorite for young learners (even those as young as Pre-K) is the Matatalab Coding set. Matatalab utilizes screen-free, tangible coding to make it both accessible and age-appropriate. Tangible coding, as opposed to the "drag and drop" on your screen coding style, utilizes physical coding pieces that students can pick up and use to build code themselves. Students create their code and watch the Matatabot bring it to life.
Meet MatataLab - A new hands-on coding robot with music and drawing function for preschool kids

Intro to Coding Camp

In partnership with Matatalab, TechTerra is excited to offer a coding-specific STEM camp for learners ages Pre-K through 3rd grade. This ten hour course includes direct instruction, tutorials, worksheets, and outside activities.

This self-paced course is perfect for beginner coders wanting to start out in the world of coding and even more advanced coders looking to get more hands-on experience.

"Using Matatalab to code, the kids were a 100% engaged.” 3rd Grade Teacher

Student Hands-On Tools Included

Check out the video below to see Matatalab in action at one of our in-person camps!

Matatalab Demonstration

How does it all work?

Virtual learning can be hard on both students and families and it is our goal to make our camp experiences easy to use and lots of fun. We believe that self-paced courses allow students to engage in learning at their own pace and when it fits the family's schedule.

Each student who registers for the "Intro to Coding" course will receive a Matatalab Coding Pro Set (a $285 value) and access to our 10-hour self-paced course of videos and activities. Our course includes lesson videos focusing on programming, problem solving, logic, tangible coding, art, and music. We include tutorials, worksheets and resources. Recommended for students in grades Pre-K through 3rd – beginner and intermediate levels are included.

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