Wilma Rudolph Shalya Dixon

Wilma Rudolph is the most influential female athlete...

golden medals..

''In 1960,Wilma Rudolph was the first american women to get 3 golden medals at a single Olympic game'' according to Biography.com.


''Through out the 60's Wilma was considered the fastest woman,'' according to



''Wilma had 2 jobs one as a Teacher and one as a Track coach'' (and still attened the Olympics) according to Biography.com.


"Wilma won the associaed press woman althete of the year award twice both in 1960 and 1961''.

''I'm honered''

''In 2004 the United States postal service honered the Olimpic champion featuring her likeness on a 23 cent stamp,according to Biography.com.


Wilma callaborated with the world in 1977 about her story, according to Biography.com.