Death of Marilyn Monroe

By: Jaedyn Sanders

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Who, What, When, Where, Why

Marilyn Monroe born with the name of Norma Jean Mortenson. She was an American actress and model. She became popular in the 1950's. She was known as an American icon and very popular. Monroe's maid came to her house one day to clean and found her bedroom door locked and the light on. She was concerned so she called Monroe's psychiatrist. The psychiatrist came over and broke a window to get into the room. When they got into the room they found Monroe face down dead on her bed completely nude and an empty bill bottle in her hand. This happened on the date August 5, 1962.

Media Perspective

Some people believe Marilyn's death is a suicide attempt. She was found dead lying in her bed with a telephone in her hand and a pill bottle in the other. She was also nude and there were pills scattered across the room. There was a brief investigation and her death was later ruled a barbiturate overdose. She was the age of 36. They think this happened because she had suffered abuse all her life and she knew lots of information and was tired of all the secrets she had to keep and the way men treated her.
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Media Perspective

Other sources say that she was killed by one of the Kennedy's because she knew too much information. She had relations with the Kennedy's and this lead her to know information most people wouldn't. Monroe had secrets about the affairs with the Kennedy's and government secrets. They say someone killed her so they could cover up the secret camps and the secrets about UFO's and aliens. They claim she was killed by Dr. Greenson and it was ordered by Bobby Kennedy.
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Media Bias

This shows bias threw headline. The article jumps to the conclusion that Monroe was murdered. It also states that it was set up by Bobby Kennedy because of the things she knew. They didn't want people to find out so they has Marilyn killed and made it look like it was a suicide attempt.

Criticism (Historical)

Marilyn is a huge historical person. She is well known to this day and is one of the biggest icons of the 1950's. Her career didn't take of right away so she changed her name and appearance to fit how she wanted people to think and view her. She started picking up small roles in films and also started modeling. After this her career started to take off and she started to become really popular. She soon started having lead roles in movies and her modeling career was booming.

Criticism (Feminist)

Most females didn't agree with Monroe and how she portrayed women. People thought that her roles in movies portrayed women as dumb and ditsy. She also often wore provocative clothes and she did photo shoots people didn't agree with. But Monroe was strong and stood up for women and fought against society and what they thought the perfect women should be. Marilyn Monroe is a good voice for the female community and changed the way men thought and the way women acted.
The Mysterious Death Of Marilyn Monroe