We've Made the Switch!

YouTube for Education Replaces Safari Montage

If you weren't aware, FUESD is beginning its second year of being a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) district. This means FUESD has access to all that Google has to offer. Beginning this school year, YouTube for Education will replace Safari Montage. Below are links to tutorials and curated sites to help streamline your search process for instructional media.

YouTube for Education

YouTube for Schools: Join the Global Classroom Today!
YouTube offers a variety of channels which you can subscribe to as a part of your fuesd.org account. Content is organized into curricular areas and grade level spans. Follow the link below to explore the channel.

Clean Video Search

A very common YouTube complaint has to do with legitimate YouTube videos, which contain vulgar comments or undesired 'related videos' suggestion. Clean Video Search is tied into YouTube so you have access to the latest videos, yet dynamically strips ads and comments right from the page. This provides teachers and student a view of only the videos which match the search criteria without any other distractions. Follow the link below to explore.