Stop Greed!

By: Hans Ernst

What is Greed?

Greed is the desire to want things. It is impossible not to be greedy at some point in our life. However more and more people are getting greedy as time goes on. This is why I think greed is a social issue because to any people are getting greedy.

Stats About Greed.

Some stats about what people would do for money are: Leave their family, abandon their church, kill a stranger, or put their children up for adoption. It shows that people have such a desire for money that they will do anything to get it

What Are We Doing?

We aren't doing much because of the fact that greed is part of our nature. There are some people out there thinking about stopping greed but not taking it into action. In order to reduce greed you need to take it into action.

What You Can Do.

You can help reduce the amount of greed in the world by having awareness about it. Do this by making a poster about it or a website. You can also help by making announcements or special event devoted to greed.