Career & Technical Education

FEBRUARY 2022 - Right before SPRBRK


  • Be on the lookout for new CTE courses: 1.) Google IT Support – Dual Enrollment, 2.) Career Preparedness A, 3.) Career Preparedness B, 4.) Human Body Systems – PLTW, and possibly 5.) Intro to Engineering Design-PLTW.
  • The middle school will start back using PLTW courses for computer science and STEM.
  • The elementary school will possibly start back using Project Lead The Way - Launch to strengthen our K-5 STEM foundation/exploration.
  • Kuder Navigator® released more training videos and opportunities. Teachers and counselors have been informed to attend the training sessions. Designed by award-winning career guidance experts, Kuder Navigator® is an all-in-one online education and career planning system that helps students visualize their futures — and make the plans to get there. We are working hard to ensure we are using data to help drive decisions for students.
  • CTSOs (career-tech student organizations) are traveling to state-level competitions in Mobile and Montgomery. Check out our social media accounts, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, for photos, details, and results. HOSA already traveled, FCCLA traveled on March 10-11, and SkillsUSA and FBLA will be traveling later this April. HOSA Middle School will be headed to the national competition in late June.
  • I met Brian Crichton, President of Talladega Superspeedway! He mentioned how they are looking to revamp their STEM opportunities for K-12 students.
  • Kyle Phillips, from Zoom Motorsports, invited us back in January to the Gear Up Your Career event at the 2022 Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama at Barber Motorsports Park. During this event, students will have a chance to network with industry executives, learn about careers with hands-on activities and connect with representatives from the Alabama Community College System. This year it will be held Friday, April 29, 2022. We plan to take 15-20 high school students.
  • Students in grades 8th and 11th will travel with school counselors to the World of Work at the Oxford Civic Center. Grade 8 students will attend on March 15, 2022. Grade 11 students will attend March 17, 2022, from 9:45 AM - 3:00 PM.
  • It's time for two CTE programs to adopt textbooks! I did not know it was such a long process! Thanks to all individuals that agreed to serve on the textbook committee for the Business program and the Finance program.
  • The Earn to Learn program had a successful kick-off on March 3, 2022. We help provide the physical space, curriculum, and recruiting of students for S.A.F.E., a community-based, nonprofit organization, to operate.
  • If you have any students interested in becoming a funeral director, please have them reach out to me at BENNIE.LEWIS@SCSBOE.ORG. Our community informed me that there is scholarship money available!
  • Lastly, I am talking with people to see how interested people would be in Sylacauga City CTE starting a Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security pathway. I would like to hear from you as well. Please feel free to take the survey, by clicking the following link: New CTE Pathway Survey.



FACT: The last time our 8th-grade students heard about career and technical education courses, they were entering middle school as 6th-graders.

FACT: CTE Students are classified into three levels upon graduating from high school.

  1. Participant = 1 CTE course taken in a pathway
  2. Concentrator = 2 CTE courses taken in a pathway
  3. Completer = 3 CTE courses taken in a pathway (WE WANT COMPLETER!)

FACT: Of the 141 students that graduated from the Class of 2020, 86 took two or more CTE courses--that's 60% of students.

FACT: Of the 86 students that count towards CTE data:

  • 60 are attending college
  • 53 have jobs
  • 17 are attending college while working a job
  • 8 aren't working or attending college
  • 4 are in the military



Kuder Galaxy

CTE has been working with the folks from Kuder to launch Galaxy! Kuder Galaxy is a flexible and scalable elementary career exploration system that launches PreK-5 students into the world of work using interactive, game-based technology to make their entire learning experience fun and exciting. Although we have had technical difficulties with the onboarding/launch process, I would still like for you all to check out what we are planning to do.

Tools & Resources: (this resource includes, adding a new admin and a PowerPoint on Getting Started with Galaxy, etc.):

Check your district launch date: Alabama Galaxy District Onboarding Status - Google Sheets

We Built it Better!

I was first introduced to the We Built it Better curriculum, an all-inclusive 18-week, industry-designed educator-developed, curricular experience that engages middle school students in a work-like STEAM environment, at last year's ACTA Spring Conference. We were able to successfully introduce Nichols-Lawson Middle School students to the program. I want to thank Mr. Justin Browning for his contributions to the students at NLMS that are looking to be a bit more hands-on in CTE.


CTE has added Defined Careers™ for teachers to use as a supplemental resource. Defined Careers™ is a comprehensive career exploration solution that offers a personalized career assessment in combination with relevant hands-on projects across all career pathways. Right now it is still new, but teachers have used it to provide project-based activities to students.

Defined Careers™ focuses on the student holistically by assessing each students’ interests, values, and study preferences. Using the assessment as a guide, each student is provided a personalized list of career pathways projects and hands-on performance tasks that allow students to experience the careers at a deeper level. Using their assessment results, students choose between two recommended career pathways that best fit their academic and career interests. Once on a career path, students work through a series of hands-on performance tasks giving them the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to real-world challenges to better understand if a career is for them. Read more about Defined Careers on their one-pager.

iCEV - Online CTE Curriculum

It took a minute, but we are finally taking advantage of what iCEV has to offer! We will use the iCEV curriculum in a multitude of ways--to reach our virtual students, as bellringers, project-based assignments, standards-based assignments, etc. The main point is: We can tailor the online platform to fit each student's needs! I called and within days our teachers were set up. We any have Career Preparedness, Finance, and the Health Science curriculum right now, but will look to possibly add on the Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security curriculum when we get that pathway started.

Learning Blade

We plan to utilize Learning Blade more in middle school CTE courses. Similar to Defined Careers and We Build It Better, Learning Blade is another high-quality supplemental curriculum that is focused on offering students real-world learning experiences in STEM education. The best part about Learning Blade, though, is that it is free.

SCS CTE SPRING Advisory Council Meeting

Wednesday, April 6th, 12pm

701 North Broadway Avenue

Sylacauga, AL

SCS will host the system-level Advisory Council and each CTE program's Advisory Committee. The members will look at the body of work from the 2021-2022 school year and plans yet to happen within the district as they relate to CTE. After this presentation, participants will be asked to tour and review the program they serve as a committee member to. Teachers will discuss the vital role the committee members play in ensuring the programs are current and the Program of Work for the next school year.

Teachers, please start now informing your Advisory Committee members of the date!

Tentative Agenda

1.) Introductions (12:30 PM - 12:40 PM)
2.) The Purpose of Advisors (12:40 PM - 12:50 PM)
    • Council: Enhance Student Experiences, Contribute to Economic Development, Advocate for Public Education - Mr. Bennie Lewis

    • Committee: Program of Work, Credentials - Mrs. Pamela McTier

3.) Old, Current, and New Business
    • Students’ Voice - Data from Kuder

    • Expansion

    • CTE Advisory Council/Committee Binders

4.) Breakout Session (1:00 PM - 2:00 PM)
    • Tour of Programs

    • Program of Work

    • Credentials