Happy New Year everyone! We hope you had wonderful and safe holiday and break. The Summer Food Service Program will carry on during the rest of this school year at all school sites. Please keep in mind that the Child Nutrition Program will continue to press forward to provide meals to our awesome HCS students, faculty, and staff. Also, Spring is just around the corner. So until then, please try to keep warm and safe. We look forward to experiencing positive things in 2021and starting off the new year with all of you as we embark into the second half of the school year. Remember that today is a good day to have a great day! - H. Ward

CNP Happenings!


SNA Welcomes School Meal Program Relief Funds

ARLINGTON, VA – The non-profit School Nutrition Association (SNA) applauded Congress for passing a stimulus bill which includes critical funds to offset some of the losses school nutrition programs have incurred during the pandemic. The stimulus bill distributes emergency relief funds to school meal programs based on a formula that takes into account the level of reimbursement a program received in 2019 and the reimbursement received during the pandemic.

SNA, representing school nutrition professionals nationwide, has consistently advocated for financial relief, PPE and other support for school meal programs, which have continued to serve needy students during COVID-19 school closures.

"Throughout this pandemic, despite tremendous challenges, school nutrition professionals have ensured students' continued access to healthy school meals to fuel their academic achievement," said SNA President Reggie Ross, SNS. "These efforts have come at an immense cost for school meal programs, which are facing increased expenses and declining revenue that threaten to cut into education budgets. SNA commends Congress for its work to address this urgent problem and will continue to advocate on behalf of these vital programs to ensure their sustainability moving forward."

RDN shares 4 healthful breakfast options

Registered dietitian nutritionist Frances Largeman-Roth said that eating eggs for breakfast is a great idea as they are packed with vitamin D that can help boost proper immune function, and she also recommended oats, which are rich in soluble fiber and can be used in various ways, such as in baked goods and oatmeal. Green smoothies and whole wheat sourdough served with nut butter and fruit also are excellent healthful breakfast choices, Largeman-Roth said.

School Nutrition Association calls for universal free meals for students ‘as an integral part of education’

The School Nutrition Association wants to permanently extend the US Department of Agriculture’s decision late last fall to offer all public-school students free breakfast and lunch through the end of the 2020-21 academic year “as an integral part of the educational experience.”


Ms. Willie Ann Coleman at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary

Ms. Willie Ann Coleman has been working in the Huntsville City School’s Child Nutrition Program (CNP) for over 21 years. She is originally from Huntsville; Alabama and she is not married. She has two children and six grandchildren. Ms. Coleman describes herself as a loving and kind person. She has lived in other places besides Huntsville such as Austin, Texas, and Colorado Springs, Colorado. Before working in CNP, Ms. Coleman was employed at the Madison Square Mall. She says the best thing about her job is that she gets to work with the boys and girls at the school. When she is not working, Ms. Coleman likes to go to church and she is motivated in her job by the smiles that she sees on the children’s faces that she serves.

Ms. Coleman has pet birds that she cares for and her favorite food is turnip greens. She says that she is good at ironing and that she loves to listen to Gospel music. Ms. Coleman expresses that people may not know that she is not a fan of cornbread and she wants to remain in Child Nutrition because she does not want to see any children go without food. Ms. Coleman also says that If she were not working in CNP then she would be taking care of her mother. Ms. Coleman explains that she does not care for sports and that she loves working together with her CNP coworkers. In the five years, she plans to enjoy herself and care for her mother. Mrs. Coleman defines success as doing the thing that you love to do in life.


Mrs. Paula Elkins- CNP Supervisor of The Month - Jones Valley Elem.

Paula has done an excellent job this month at Jones Valley. Keep up the good work!

Ms. Annette Paul - CNP Worker of the Month - Huntsville High School

Annette has been the epitome of teamwork. Awesome job!


Annette Paul 1/2

Doris McLeod 1/5

Chrissy Depew 1/6

Priscilla Gonzalez 1/9

Lashunda Freeman 1/12

Sammie Johnson. 1/14

Keith Cantrell 1/21

Adrian Taft 1/22

Belinda Anderson 1/27


Kim Riley 27 yrs.

Connie Harper 19 yrs.

Gwen Graham 6 yrs.

Martha Mangrum 4 yrs.