Poetry Out Loud Recital!

Jake Caldwell

Abandoned House

By: Ted Kooser

Poetry Out Loud

Wednesday, Dec. 16th, 8:15am

Mr. Vollrath's Room

About Abandoned Farmhouse and Performance

The poem starts off by talking about the characteristics of each of the family members. The dad was very large according to the many objects that he used in the home. The women and man had kids, that had all their toys spread about the yard. Something happened that made the family flee the house as fast as they did. Whether it was bankruptcy or a job, they fled the scene very fast.

This poem can get pretty emotional at some points and that will be what I will try to convey throughout recital of the poem. At the end, the poem should move you in some way whether it's in a bad or god way.

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Why you should come to watch my recital of the Abandoned House

Have you ever thought to yourself; What happens when a family flees a house in the middle of nowhere and leaves the house abandoned? Well, I really haven't either until I read this poem and realized how moving that subject could be. This recital would be one that you wouldn't want to miss just by the meaning of the poem. Even my mom was moved by this great poem written by Ted Kooser.