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Hello, my name is Luther Olson. I have been teaching math for 26 years. I received a bachelor's degree from Moorhead State University in Moorhead, MN. I spent my first 11 years teaching high school math at Turtle Mountain Community High School in Belcourt, ND. After receiving a master's degree from Minot State University, I taught math and statistics for 14 years at Turtle Mountain Community College in Belcourt, ND. I just completed my first year of teaching math and statistics at Minot State University.

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I live 80 miles from Minot, am married, and have 3 children and 1 grandchild. My hobbies include playing sports (like basketball, tennis, and golf), music (guitar, piano, and singing), being involved in community theater, and playing games (cards, dice, board games...). My pet peeves include driving 80 miles to work each day!