A Poison Tree by William Blake

Explicated by Kiara Wilson

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My interpretation of this poem is that wrath and anger could lead to very dangerous things. For the poet to get angry at his foe to the point that he has a tree grown made up of poison apples is very disturbing.


The poem tells how the poet is telling a narrative story of how he really hates this one person who is his foe.When he is around around his foe, he acts all sweet and kind while on the inside he bottles up all his hate and wrath in a form of a tree with a poison apple. While the tree is growing and growing over night & day, the foe knows that the tree with the apple belongs to the poet so he goes along and take this apple from the tree and bites it. Until the next morning where the poet comes out to the tree and gladly sees his foe stretched out dead under the tree.

The tone of this poem is bittersweet because in the beginning of the poem the poet is all happy with his friend but all angry with his foe and still has time to show kindness to the person face and is all so happy to see him dead

musical devices

The rhyme scheme of the poem is "aabb".The tonal effect of the rhyming scheme here is disconcerting to know that the poet is seeing this person death and somewhat plotting it that he still has time to rhyme his words.


The diction of the poem is very simple, i didn't have trouble understanding the words. there was a metaphor to where he says, " And i sunned it with smiles", he comparing his smile to the sun. His smile was so bright over this poison tree to the point that his own smile can give the tree any kind of light or energy like the sun can.


The form of this poem is free form because i think the poet just wanted to express his feelings in no particular way of form. There is seven of actually real sentences that ends is with a period, but majority of it all is run on sentences. they have commas, semicolons and colons.