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As you know, chatta is designed to;

  • Make an Immediate Impact on children’s speech and language development
  • Ensure Effective Practitioners to give children the best possible start
  • Develop and build on Strong Partnerships with parents and carers

By now, we're presuming you've watched the videos on the practitioner's area and you know your way around the site and the app. We hope you're enjoying the knowledge, resources and unique approach that we offer.

Have you tried chatta out with any children yet?

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Activities and Ideas

If you're stuck, wondering how to get started using chatta with the children you've chosen it most suited for, or you just want to try out an activity we recommend, why not try one of these activities based around Castles (taken from the 'Kings and Queens of the Castle' project in the practitioner's area of the website)? If you like these activities, have a look at the other projects available to you in the practitioner's area, where you'll find a wealth of ideas and fun things to do with the children.

Some of these activities require different things such as playsets or ingredients, please read them first before beginning an activity with a child to ensure you have what you'll need.

Chatta should be used as a tool to encourage interactions, talk and skills in listening and recall.

Looking at Mathematics:

Using a small world castle toy set, play with the child as you begin to introduce some positional language.

Using the six frame chat, take photographs of the figurines in relation to the castle, from different angles, such as the front, the side etc. Using the record option, ask the child to then tell you where the figures are in relation to the castle. Are the next to the castle? In the castle? At the side of the castle? Etc.

Taking it further: Ask the child to tell you where the figures are in relation to each other, or other objects such as a horse figure: 'The knight is next to the horse.'

Looking at Communication and Language:

In a small group, sing the nursery rhyme 'The Queen of Hearts'.

After this, proceed to making jam tarts with the children. Introduce the ingredients carefully and support the children in the activity step by step, taking photographs of each stage along the way.

Later insert these into a four frame chat and ask the child to discuss with you the stages of the process using the record feature. What came first? What came last? What did you do next?

Taking it further: Insert photographs of the ingredients used into a chat and ask the child to record themselves describing what they did or had to do with each of the ingredients.

Looking at Expressive Art and Design:

In a small group, support the role play of the story of Cinderella.

Take photos of the children dressed up in the different roles in the chatta app. Then ask the children to describe what they are like using the record feature.

Taking it further: Look at images of real Kings, Queens, Princesses etc and ask the child to describe their clothing. How is that clothing different to everyday clothing? Make comparisons between the similarities and differences, for example: 'The king wear's a big red, robe. I wear a green coat.'

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Thanks, chatta champion

We hope you're getting on well and this gives you some ideas of how chatta can be used in among regular play activities.

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We'll be in touch again in a week with more activities and to see how you're getting on.

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