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Regional Competition - Feb 11th @ SVCTE

Breaking Records! Yet Again...

Another amazing year for SkillsUSA California! We shared the state accomplishments and record breaking numbers in our last correspondence. (See it again) With the final numbers now in, Region 1 will be running 59 contests this year. You guessed it - another record! 17 of these contests will be run "live" at SVCTE on Feb 11th and 6 more will be held as demonstration events. The remaining 36 competitions are single school events that will be run at your individual sites. See more information about demo contests below.

October Fall Leadership Growth...

This past October, our Fall Leadership was another great success! With 18 advisers and nearly 40 students in attendance, Region 1 California and PHS hosted the largest Fall Conference since it's inception. This conference has not always been an annual event for the six regions across California. It was designed in an effort to bring advisers and student leadership teams together for a short "kick-off" event for planning a new year with SkillsUSA. Throughout the day, critical information is shared in separate break-out sessions for students and advisers. Along with the regional coordinators, state director and state personnel, new and returning advisers discuss a plethora of topics including; chapter management, program of work, professional development, funding, registration and upcoming dates for the new year. Students are lead by outstanding representatives from the state officer team and alumni in team-building and effective leadership within their own chapters. If you missed the opportunity this year, put it on your calendar now! Next year's Fall Leadership will be held on Saturday, September 23rd at Petaluma High School.

Demonstration Contests at Your School...

As we did last year, we are asking schools that have the only competitors in a given contest to run their own competition. Although it's not the case in all regions across California, many of these "demo" events in Region 1 have three, or less, competitors/teams. Having schools run these events allows us to free up time and volunteers to assist with our multi-school "live" competitions at SVCTE. In addition, it avoids having our members drive a great distance to complete a simple 5 to 7 minute demonstration of their event. As always, any member/contestant is still invited to attend the "live" event for the awesome experience. Let us know if you would like a table at SVCTE for your students to present their work.

Running a Succesful, Single School Demo Contest

In order to be effective, schools and advisers should follow some guidelines and protocol. Please see the attached a PDF document, below, that outlines these guidelines and requirements for your demo events. Please read this documentation carefully. The first page includes suggestions for completing a successful contest. The second page is an absolute requirement! There are no exceptions to these rules and regulations with regards to scoring and the scorecards. All official scoring must be completed and returned to the regional coordinators on or before: Wednesday, February 8th. Failure to submit the official scorecards will result in disqualification of that contest and advancement to state. If you and your student(s) will be attending the "live" event, you may bring your scorecards to SVCTE. No scorecards will be accepted after Feb 11th.

List of Single School Demo Contests

The following contests will be held at the individual school locations.

  • Alhambra


    Intro Auto Service 'A'

    Motorcycle Service Technology

    Restaurant Service

  • Benicia

    Action Skills

  • Casa Grande

    Extemporaneous Speaking

  • Eden Area ROP

    Welding Fabrication

  • Lower Lake

    Welding Sculpture
    Welding MIG
    Welding TIG

  • Petaluma

    20 Second Elevator

    American Spirit

    Automated Mfg Technology

    Broadcast News Production



    Intro Drafting 'A'

    Intro Woodworking

    Opening Closing Ceremony

    Prepared Speech

    Quiz Bowl

    Related Technical Math

    Robotics and Automation Technology

    Television (Video) Production

    T-Shirt Design


    Basic Health Care Skills

    CNC Technician

    Digital Cinema Production

    Health Knowledge Bowl


    Job Skill Demo 'A'

    Job Skill Demo Open


    Medical Math

    Nurse Assisting

    Web Design

Region 1 - Leadership and Skills Conference @ SVCTE

Saturday, Feb. 11th, 9am-2pm

760 Hillsdale Avenue

San Jose, CA

"Live" events at SVCTE
  • Automotive Refinishing Technology
  • Automotive Service Technology
  • Carpentry
  • Commercial Baking
  • Crime Scene Investigation (Teams of 3)
  • Criminal Justice
  • Culinary Arts
  • Dental Assisting
  • Diesel Equipment Technology
  • Electrical Construction Wiring
  • Firefighting
  • First-Aid CPR
  • Information Technology Services
  • Job Interview
  • Medical Assisting
  • Medical Terminology
  • Photography

Demonstration Events at SVCTE

  • Architectural Drafting
  • Collision Repair Technology
  • Customer Service
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Welding
  • Welding SMAC

Christopher A Jones - Regional Coordinator (Secondary)

Chris has over 26 years of experience in the Engineering and Architecture industries as a CAD Designer/Specialist. Since 2008, Mr. Jones has provided his expertise in the classroom and with the SkillsUSA organization. He is a full-time instructor at Petaluma High School in Northern California and head coach of the Girls Golf team. His classes include Introduction to Engineering, Architecture, 3D Animation, Yearbook, and Advanced Project Based Learning. In addition, he is the lead adviser for the Petaluma SkillsUSA Chapter and represents California as the Region 1 Coordinator for secondary institutions. Mr. Jones is passionate about CTE and it's place within our education system. He hopes to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to find their passions in life.

Cathleen M Jones - Regional Coordinator (PostSecondary)

Cathleen has 33 years of experience in Computer Aided Drafting & Design. Early in her career, she became a certified teacher of Technical Education and taught at both high school and post-secondary levels for 5 years in the Denver-metro area. Her career covers a variety of design fields including Process Piping, Architecture, Aircraft Design, Manufacturing/Mechanical Design, and Land Surveying. She currently works as an Electrical Designer and also in Fire & Life Safety. In addition, Cathleen has worked for Autodesk and is a published technical writer. As Region 1 Coordinator for Post-Secondary institutions, Cathleen brings a familiarity with a variety of construction fields. Her experience as a Voc-Ed teacher provides her a unique perspective for advising students on career options and paths. As an active member of the business community, she has years of experience in the employment application and interview process. Ms. Jones strives to share her expertise and insight with interested students in the post-secondary arena.