DMS Weekly Update

Remote Learning October 13-16!

Our next week of remote learning is scheduled for October 13th-16th. Please have your child follow the Remote Learning Schedule.

The school office will be open during this time from 8am-3pm each day.

Technology support will be available as well during this time. Follow the link for information about how to seek technology support.

Young Appalachian Musicians Program

Dear students and parents, I can’t believe all that has happened these past months since March and Covid. I’m sure many of you have had very trying times for you and your families and we’re all trying to take this one day at a time and get through it together. Most of you students are back in school now, whether it’s virtually or inperson, and we’re all in hopes that our students will remain well and safe. As many of you know, we have a program in Pickens County called Young Appalachian Musicians (YAM) which is supported by the non-profit, Preserving Our Southern Appalachian Music (POSAM). Before Covid our after-school program was based in 12 schools and we had over 300 students in 3rd -8 th grades learning how to play traditional music by ear. Students were taught to play guitar, mandolin, fiddle, and banjo. Since Covid our After-School program has been shut down, and we’re currently trying to find a way to start up again as we follow all CDC guidelines and remain safe and healthy. Our POSAM Board, Pauline Blackston (Asst. Director), and I have been trying to make decisions about where to go with our YAM programs this coming fall/winter with the uncertainty of Covid with us still. Certainly, our children’s health and safety are foremost in our thoughts and then we want our kids/families to get as “settled” in school as can be. We also are taking into consideration the economic crisis at hand which has so affected each and every household; it has also affected our POSAM non-profit as you can imagine. But, on the other hand, we know how much music means to many of us in our daily lives as well as the yearning to be together with both teachers/students as well as students with each other. So keeping all of these things in mind, we’re trying to work out an after-school program for our YAMs this fall. Because of Covid, the School District of Pickens County is asking that people and groups from outside the school not have after-school programs at school at this time; this is very understandable. We have, however, been so fortunate to have 4 different organizations in 4 different areas offer their facilities for our use. The kindness and generosity of these people is so appreciated. Because we can’t offer transportation to these facilities, we realize that this is yet another hardship placed on you parents and hope you’ll be able to car pool and/or work out something for your kids to come to these alternate locations during this time. We also realize that many of you may not be able to get your kids to an activity until later in the afternoon. Therefore, we’ll be scheduling these classes to start at least after 4:00. At this time these are the locations where we’ll be offering lessons: Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, Dacusville; Mill Church, Pickens; Six Mile Fire Station, Six Mile; The Rosewood Center, Liberty. Your child is welcomed to go to any of these facilities that work best for you. We do ask, except for in special circumstances, that you leave your child at the same location, same teacher as long as we have these locations. Of course, we’ll be using the CDC guidelines during the classes and ask that the children, and whoever brings the students, use these same guidelines as recommended: wearing masks when in the building, staying 6 ft. or more apart, etc. Following is some general info as for how we’ll proceed:  We’ll be offering, once again, the Young Appalachian Musician (YAM) program. In this program our 3rd -5 th or 6th -8 th graders are taught to play acoustic instruments (guitar, fiddle, banjo, and mandolin) by local musicians …by ear.  Generally, we’ll have a 45 minute lesson per week starting the week of Oct. 26 and ending Dec 10, off Thanksgiving week (6 wks). These classes will be held at one of four locations (listed above) after 4:00 and before 7:00 on Mon-Thursdays (days to be arranged soon for each location.)  No Homework Center will be provided this session. Parents will need to provide transportation to and from the facility for lessons.  Because we have received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts (Covid Relief) to help with our instructor costs, we’d like to “pay it forward” to our wonderful YAM families. Tuition will be FREE for all After-School students for whom space is available. There are a limited number of spaces at each site. This can only be a temporary “relief” for this first 6 weeks, but we feel like it will help out our families.  Instruments may be rented for this 6 week session for a flat rate of $20. This is a little more for free and reduced lunch students, but they still will be much better off with free tuition. Also, normally we do rates by months not by 6 week sessions. Please let us know your child’s interest in being part of the YAM program. Fill out the form below and return it by email (scan or photo first) to . Or you can mail to Betty McDaniel, 792 Holly Springs Sch. Rd, Pickens, SC, 29671. Please do this by Sept 30 and remember that we only have a limited number of spaces. If you have questions, please email Pauline at above address or call Betty at 864-878-4257. We’ll also be having a Parent meeting where you can find out more about the YAMs, meet the instructor (possibly), pay any fees, and possibly get your instrument. That day will be announced soon and we hope you and your child can attend. We’re really looking forward to starting in late October and hope to hear from you soon. With best wishes for a safe and healthy fall for you and your family!

Betty McDaniel, YAM Executive Director

Pauline Blackston, YAM Assistant Director

YAM Student’s Name ________________________________________________

Parent(s)/Guardians’ Name(s)____________________________________________________________

Email address_______________________________________

Phone number(s)____________________

AM student’s homeroom/grade______________________________________________________

What class(es)/instrument is your child interested in? ____Beginner Guitar, ____Beg Fiddle, ____Beg Banjo, ____Beg Mandolin, ___2nd yr Guitar, ___2nd yr Fiddle, ___2nd Yr Banjo, ___2nd Yr Mando, ____3rd+yr (What instrument?)______________ 1st year students pick a 2nd choice________________

Need to rent an instrument? _____Yes _____No ($20 for 6 weeks)

Which location would you prefer? _____Mt Carmel Church, Dacusville; ____Mill Church, Pickens;____ Old Six Mile Fire Station; _____Rosewood Center, LIberty

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Continuing to be Safe!

Please remember to review COVID-19 safety guidelines with your child. Masks are required to be worn by staff and students upon arrival to campus, during all transitions, in classrooms when up and moving around, in hallways, at dismissal, and in classrooms when proper social distancing of at least 6ft. isn't possible. All students who wish to wear their masks even when social distancing is possible, may certainly do so. Thank you for reviewing these guidelines with your child.

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Volleyball News!

Due to DHEC and SCHSL guidelines, seating has been limited to a very small number to allow for social distancing of 6 feet. At this time, all available volleyball seats have been reserved for the families of student athletes. A ticket voucher must be presented at the gate for admission.

Please Note!

Volleyball Rescheduled Games

Monday, Oct. 5 Honea Path @ Dacusville moved to Tuesday October 13.

Tuesday, Oct. 6 Starr Iva @ Dacusville moved to Thursday October 8.

A Word from our PTO President:

We want to take a moment and thank everyone that has supported and participated in our PTO program over the last few years. Normally, we hold school-wide fundraisers each year to fund special activities for our children and to provide classroom materials that were above and beyond regular supplies that our children could use in the classroom.

Now, with COVID19, restrictions on fundraisers are making raising funds for these purposes difficult. We were not able to hold an in-person Open House where we normally sale PTO memberships.

With this being said, we are asking for your support. We would be honored if you are willing to help by joining our DMS PTO by donating $10 for a family membership. All donations for membership go directly to the classroom and students. We want to thank you for helping to make this a great year for our students and teachers. Please send your donation of $10 in an envelope to school with the following information:

PTO Membership

Child's Name/Family Name


In closing, we would love to have volunteers to join our working committee. If you are interested in volunteering, please call the school and leave a message for our PTO. Someone will call you back with information.

Peggy McKee

DMS PTO President