Edmond Doyle News 12-3-15

Our school has been selected as one of the 51 schools in the United States to get $10,000 to purchase technology from Hourof Code.org. This is a wonderful opportunity for us! On Monday, December 7th we will have a celebration to receive our award. We will all go to the Lucy Smith Center at the McAlester High School to host our event. We will bus our students to the High School so everyone will have plenty of room during our ceremony. All families are invited to join us. Our event will start at 1:00 p.m. We hope you can join us to celebrate!! This will be a great time for everyone to learn about the Hour of Code and to be proud of our success!

If you want to order pictures, you will need to order them online now. Go to ruthkelly.com to order.

Our PTO will meet on Thursday, December 10th at 5:30. Please plan to attend if possible.
We always welcome your input and advice.

Our students are practicing for their Christmas program. We all know that Mrs. Braswell and the kids always have a treat for us! Mark Tuesday, December 15th at 6:30 at the S. Arch Auditorium to make certain you and your child are at the program. You will be glad you came-they always do a great job!!

We would like to go to the show on the afternoon of Friday, December 18th at noon. We will be watching The Good Dinosaur. Your child will need to bring $7.50 to cover the price of the movie and their snack pack. If you can contribute extra to help someone that may need assistance that would be great. If you would like to join us, parent's tickets are $5.00. Parents will enter after the students are seated. We need to know by next Tuesday if you are planning to come with them so we can let the show know how many extra to expect. Thanks for your help-this is a fun time for our students-many do not get to go to the show often.
December 7th-Monday-1:00--Hour of Code Event-Lucy Smith Center
December 10th-Thursday-5:30--PTO Meeting
December 15th-Tuesday-6:30--Christmas Program
December 18th-Friday-12:00--Trip to movie-bring $7.50 for ticket & snack pack--parents $5.00/ticket