Farooq Arjomand

Arjomand Group Founder Farooq Arjomand

About Farooq Arjomand

Farooq Arjomand spent 16 years at HSBC Bank in Dubai, eventually reaching the position of senior manager. In this role he oversaw all branch activities while working towards an overarching goal of optimal profitability at the bank. In 2001, Farooq Arjomand established the Arjomand Group as a textile trading enterprise. He continues to lead the company as chief executive officer and has played an instrumental role in the organization’s expansion into 15 industries, including hospitality and corporate services. The group currently maintains offices in Europe, the Far East, and in multiple Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations.

Mr. Arjomand graduated from Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, Washington, with a bachelor of arts in business management. He spends his time traveling internationally both for business and recreation, and enjoys staying in shape through sports such as soccer and the martial arts. He is especially fond of kickboxing and has worked as a kickboxing instructor.