Nike Cleats

The Best In The World

history of company and product

Founded by Bill Bowerman nike has skyrocketed as one of the best selling organizations. Nike has been in the industry for over 30 years. This organization has been one of the most competitive companies around.

Nike started producing cleats in 1972. The first Nike cleat was called "Nike" looking like a basic football cleat. soon after Nike would come out with many more cleats that look good and felt even better on a athletes foot.

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Product features and Benifits

FEATURES : 1.multi styled2.light resistant 4. multi colored 5.differnent type of spikes 6.customize your own--------------------------------------------------------------------------------BENEFITS 1. can choose from more then one look like high top, low top, and mid top   2. Able to run faster and feels like nothing on your feet   3. can go through heavy rain and or mud 4. can choose from more then one color to get different types like metel or rubber 6.allows you to put together different type of colored football cleats

different althletes sign to nike

In having so many varity of products Nike signs athletes all over to represent their brand like Michael Vick, Maria Sharapova, Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez, and Derek Jeter