Rebound Addiction Center

By : Ashley Castro

Overview of the organization (purpose/vision) -

Overcoming an addiction could seem impossible , the moment you walk through our doors you're making a decision on improving your future, no matter what your addicted to, we will always be there to guide you and give you support to put your addiction in the past.

Programs offered -

  • addiction
  • detox program
  • drug rehab
  • residential inpatient
  • substance abuse

Types of treatment -

  1. Art therapy
  2. cognitive behavioral (CBT)
  3. Family systems
  4. Psychoanalytic
  5. Psychodynamic
  6. psychological testing and evaluation

5 addiction facts about the organization -

  1. Rebound Behavioral Health is an adult private inpatient behavioral health and substance abuse treatment facility nestled in a peaceful wooded estate between Charlotte, NC and Lancaster, SC.
  2. The serene setting includes decorative ponds, fragrant pine trees, and shaded pathways.
  3. Each individual entering the program will work with a team of professionals to design and individual treatment plan geared specifically to their personal goals and objectives.
  4. provide individuals with as many skills as possible so that they are able to cope with daily stressors in a more productive and healthy way.
  5. At Rebound, you will receive the highest level of caring, confidential treatment from our esteemed team of clinicians and therapists

contact info -

Phone number -