McKinney Vento News and Update

November/December 2022

There is still much work to be done

Awareness trainings were held throughout the month of November to include staff at schools, those at Central Office, and community partners at various businesses and organizations in the community. As identified in our District McKinney Vento Strategic Plan, it was a goal to educate our internal and external stakeholders on the McKinney Vento Law and how it can be supported from various roles. It was fitting to do this during National Homeless Awareness Month. We are one step closer to ensuring that those that work directly and indirectly with our students and families are knowledgeable of what steps to take and what direction to point them in to get support. It is truly because of the collaborative work that is done in supporting the needs of our displaced families that we can help to remove barriers that may hinder their learning and help students that are a part of our Vance County Schools family.
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Signage available

Posters and yard signs have been posted throughout the Henderson Community. Schools will receive a yard sign to place in a highly trafficked area as well as posters to share inside the building. This alerts those that may see them of what to do in the event tht they encounter someone that may be displaced.