By: Ahmaud Green

What is Ergonomics ?

Ergonomics are poster that can help you.

  • A good poster is keeping your back straight and make sure that your body is comfortable.
  • Make sure your body take a break from the computer for a couple of minutes or more.
  • Your eyes can get injured from staring at the screen to long and turn red so make sure that you are careful not to get to close to the screen.


carpal tunnel is a disease that most people get from typing from a keyboard

What is OSHA ?

OSHA is what government made to keep you safe at work.

  • Osha let you say no if you are doing something without the proper equipment.
  • For a example if you get fired for saying no because you didn't want to clean the restroom and they didn't have the proper equipment OSHA will let you complain.
  • Because of OSHA people are safe at work no matter how dangerous it is.