Privacy & Security

Tips For Being Careful Online

Having A Strong Password

Try to use various numbers and letters and use an underscore. Don't keep it simple because you don't want people to steal your information. Also try to use different passwords if you have different accounts. Try to be careful with your information online. Don,t post Private information on social media.

Avoiding Online Scam

  • Know who your dealing with
  • Read your monthly statements
  • Don't send money to people you don't know
  • Don't play a foreign lottery
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Safe On The Internet

When your on the internet you have to be careful what you search. There might be a little box that might say subscribe to this its totally free and the minute you click on it the link could have a virus. People can steal your information on your screen goes all blue and it wont work no more. Now you might even have to pay to get your computer fixed.

User Agreements

When you get to the User Agreements part of agreeing to a website or making an account, make sure to read it all. It is very important to read everything than just clicking I agree. You could have agreed to it and what if you broke one of the rules without knowing just because you didn't read it.