No Teacher Left Behind

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No Teacher Left Behind

In regards to us as a nation providing consistent learning opportunities for students is true. We as a nation ensure that all children are given the same opportunities and help to complete and successfully obtain their education. Our nation can do more I'm regards to ensuring that we are providing our teachers with new trainings and strategies. The new training and information they receive can benefit them, and can be implemented into the classroom setting. To provide consistent leaning opportunities ,the teachers could gather resources from is something that should be implemented. In order for teachers to learn and stay up to date with information state wide workshops and trainings consisting of material that teachers could truly use is one form of providing teachers with new techniques. The workshops or trainings can be taught on several different topics, and the teacher will be able to choose which strategies they would like to implement into their classroom. After the statewide trainings and workshops have gone through the different states surveys and observations can be done of the teacher and her class, to evaluate the changes that are positive and took place. This will allow the different states and school districts know what they can enhance and what things have worked for them already to maintain success within their particular school .Standards such as the ISTE are beneficial because you can look at any key point and incorporate them into the classroom setting. The ISTE standards will positively affect all areas of the classroom environment. It is beneficial for teachers to always stay on the forefront of learning new techniques and materials, so they can stay on track and continue to create a build a positive and friendly learning environment for their students. No matter how much knowledge you have it's always beneficial to continue to learn more, to obtain and stay successful.


Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century : Connecting the Dots

ISTE Standards for Teachers

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