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The Creators of Google

Sergey Brin and Larry Page started Google. Sergey Brin and Larry Page first created Google in Susan Wojcicki's garage that they had rented out. They were bot Stanford students at the time. When Google was first created in a garage the original name was BackRub until they were on the search for a more marketable name and someone had suggested "googol". Later, the name stuck as Google.

The Creation of Google

Like many big businesses Google started out in a garage. In fact it was Susan Wojcicki's it was first started. Google was started on September 4, 1998. in 1999, Google moved to downtown Palo Alto. Later, in 2004 , Google found it's permanent home at Googleplex in Mountain View, Santa Clara County in California.

Why Was Google Created?

Google was originally created as an easy to use and efficient search engine. Now Google has other purposes besides being a search engine. Google also builds products that make the web better and easier to use. Google also helps businesses with finding customers and helping them find easy to use tools to set up and create their business. Google also offers many products online such as the web, business, social, home and office, and much more.
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Google mainly focuses on their search engine and supporting their businesses but they do sell a few products. The biggest product sold is probably chrome products. Some products Google sells are chrome products, Google glasses, Google driverless cars, and tools that help with businesses getting started or finding customers.

How Google Has Improved

Google has improved in many ways since they fist started. They are now open to the public and are easier to use and they have more information. They have major effects on the society. It makes life much easier for some. It is simple to just go to Google and search for what you need. It is one of the biggest search engines, easy to use, and gives you more options for websites. Life would probably be different without Google. They changed the way people look at the internet.

Doodle 4 Google

Every year Google holds a contest for kids to enter in where they can enter in their own drawing for the Google home screen. The contest begins in the begging of every school year and then later has a due date. Here are some examples of the 2014 winners.