Bedroom Design Trends for Men

Classic Bedroom Design, Modern Design Trends

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Bedroom Design for Men

The most modern bedroom design trends for men are some of the simplest yet sophisticated designs to utilize a sleeping area. The colors and the color combinations that get created for a masculine room are almost endless. Combine these color combinations with the furniture choices and all of the new combinations that they create, and you've got a lot of possibilities.

The first decision in any home renovation project is what base colors are the walls and the carpet going to be. Do you live in Brooklyn NY and looking for painting consulting, there are many house painting contractor that can help you. You can also learn more about the options available from reading this article and find more about popular choices.

Make The Bedroom Your Sanctuary

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Masculine Bedroom Color Combinations

Dark brown, dark green and white make a great combination when painting a trendy male bedroom. A dark brown in both the paint and the wood used for the walls stands out against a light or white carpet. Gold accessories and green plants will both be sure to stand out when using these colors. The natural look is still popular today.

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A Classic Feel

Dark brown, red, and white are masculine colors that combine ideal for a bedroom. A blanket that is red with black stripes has a classic look that is easily combined with dark brown colors to make a perfect room color combination. Utilize dark brown in the dressers, floor, and wall paint to bring this classic look to life in your home. A classic look will never go out of style.

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Dark Blue and White Bedroom

Darker blue and white are two colors that make a good-looking men's bedroom combination. Walls stand out with the darker blue against a bed that is completely white. A couple of dark blue pillows matching the walls bring everything together. Gold accessories look inviting on the walls while white painted trim is the way to go. Blue and white are both masculine colors that go together very well.

Eye Popping Color Combination

A room will look stunning if you use only white, black, and a lighter shade of gray. Walls will need to be painted white to go along with the carpet. Black window shades, a black bed frame, and black end tables bring the attention to the accessories right away. Lighter gray blanket with some striped pillows break up the light and the dark. A blue could be added in the bedding as well that would fit quite well with the other three colors.

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Bright Bedroom Ideas

A much more colorful room includes the use of a very light blue and white combination that gives the room a masculine appeal. The walls and the ceiling can get painted the bright light blue that you pick and the floor and trim can be of the bright white that you decide on. A white carpet set against a bed with blue and silver designs will work out nicely.

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Darker Bedroom Design

A darker men's bedroom design can easily get created with a bold blue and a darker gray. It gives a very professional feel especially against stainless steel accessories added in the right places. White pillows on the bed with dark blue needlework are a nice touch as well. A darker gray bedspread that matches the paint you went with is a personal touch.

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Classic Bedroom Design

White and browns are another male bedroom color combination popular in today's trends. Brown and tan paint will need to be used for the walls and the trim respectively. All different shades of wood can get used from a dark wood as a bed frame to a light wood in a cabinet. Flooring can be hardwood in color and texture to make the area easier to clean and all blend smoothly.

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Silver Bedroom Design

A uniquely exquisite men's bedroom trend is using all silver for everything. Paint the walls silver and install silver carpet. Curtains should all be a similar shade of silver as the rest. Everything on the bed, silver. Everything must be silver. It makes for quite an eye-catching room when completed, and everything is silver.

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Beige Bedroom Design

Beige still captures a masculine feel in a room's paint scheme when matched with a white. Dark woods stand out in places that use this color combination. Stainless steel accessories match up right with these choices. This one gives you so many options that are open to you and so many different directions you can go with additional features. Any light or dark beige works well for this kind of room.

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Parts of a Man's Bedroom

The different parts of the bedroom are certainly important choices when you are talking to a painter. You want to make sure all the colors that you have match the way that you want them to. Have a bedspread that features a couple of the colors that you want to match with, in your paint scheme. Here are results you may get basing a room off of a bedspread choice in a man's bedroom.

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Inspire A Bedroom Color Scheme

A bedspread that has a regular blue and a dark blue would look awesome with a teal green wall color added. This gives a room a very oceanic manly feel. A beige carpet is a wise choice with these three others. Natural plant life would blend right in and look like it was just where it belonged. Using this method a painter can have a much wider range to show off their ability.

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A Simple Beginning

A lighter gray bedspread can give a painter the option of a dark gray and black blending of colors to make a cloudy effect for the walls. When correctly done this color in your bedroom will likely get a lot of positive comments. These smoky gray colors can get added to dressers and window trim.

If you have found a headboard that is beautifully carved out of a large slab of stone, you can begin your search for colors that combine well with the blues and grays. Depending on the shade of stone that the headboard is your colors can vary from darker blues and grays to the lighter shades of both as well. Make sure you let the piece you built the room around shine out from the room around it.

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how to Choose Interior Accent Colors

Art in The Bedroom

Any beautiful piece of art can be a centerpiece for a room. If you have any family pictures that include some color matching you can match the colors of your room to the colors in the image. Don't be afraid to take the piece to your local paint retailer and see what they can come up with to match up the rest of the room with them. An attractive option for artwork is a black and white painting that goes great in places that utilize the gray scale in the choice of paints.

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Furniture in the Room

Hardwood can be a good jumping point to pick other colors from in a men's bedroom as well. Take a sample to your local painter, and he will be happy to help you find some color combinations that go with it. Having a hardwood floor and a wood ceiling can give you some points to jump from. Browns and greens will be some of the top picks while you can go in any direction that you choose. If you are having trouble finding a starting point, start with what you already have for the room.

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Match Dressers with New Paint

Dressers can be matched up pretty quickly with any paint that you are using. Different types and colors of wood match up with different colors better. Look for what suits your situation. If you can't find one that you like you can go with painting the wood one of the other colors of the room. Make sure that your room has enough closet space and drawer space to hold all of your clothing. A messy area for your clothes makes the whole area look less organized. Utilize space under the bed if you can. Some containers are made that can hold your belongings in this underutilized area.

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Bed Frames Spark Color Choices

Bed frames and cabinets built into the wall can get expensive but give a finished and refined look to a men's bedroom. A bookshelf and drawers built right into your bed that is also built right into the wall is quite a piece to show off. Lights built into the cabinet work is a great addition if you like to read before you go to sleep.

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Add Wall Murals

Adding murals as accessories can let you make a room your own. Many decorations are available and can be custom made to add color and appeal to a men's bedroom. Sports, wildlife, and character murals are popular choices and can give you the colors that you need to work with for the rest of the room. Building a room around a mural is certainly easier than finding a mural that fits all of your other elements.

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Tips for Bedroom Remodels

Here are some tips to follow as you begin your design process for your man's bedroom. By leaving the ceiling white and making the walls a darker color your room will appear more open. You can use this trick if you feel your room is becoming claustrophobic. Darker colors will make your room seem more confined but intimate while light colored rooms feel open and bright.

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White Bedroom Design

A man's bedroom trend that has been catching on is taking a dark spot like the attic and making it into the brightest men's bedroom of all. Paint the ceiling white. Replace the current flooring with the lightest colored wood paneling you can find and install it. Paint the walls a light gray and leave everything else in the room white. The bed, the accessories, the window trim, everything should be painted white.

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Lighting Design Elements

Lighting is an essential part of any man's bedroom remodel. Installing a dimmer switch can let you change the mood a great deal with the turn of a knob. This is a romantic and relaxing addition to your bedroom you will not want to forget about. Having good blinds and window curtains is also important if you like to keep the natural light out at certain times of the day. There are window accessories available that will open and close your blinds at specific times to make sure you get the best sleep possible.

A men's bedroom design is influenced by a variety of things. You will first need to pick out the color or color combination that you will use for the room. Then you can add accessories that match the colors that you chose previously. You can also use one of your favorite pieces in the room to help decide what colors to use for the rest. Hopefully, these tips have given you an idea as to what you want to do with your bedroom remodel.

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Final Touches

Final touches like paintings on the walls that match up with the colors of the room can make a room gel. If you have a favorite picture, there are ways you can manipulate the colors to make them fit your room better, or you can look for pictures that use the same color palette that you did. Many prints are available that will match up any room you can imagine. Find which picture fits well with your room and life and present it confidently.