Zoey's day with IPHONE

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Apple - iPhone 5 - TV Ad - Brilliant
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Four Apps I used most time

SIRI – Ask More Than Before

Siri is an intelligent assistant that understands, knows and has answer to all my questions. For instance, if I ask Siri to find some good Italian restaurants within a few distances, it will figure out the correct app and provide me the related answer like my personal assistant. Sending messages, making phone calls, setting reminders, scheduling meetings , to name a few of the tasks of Siri. Want to take my beloved for a movie night? Ask Siri for the upcoming showtimes! I can also know the scores of live games as well as learn about the schedules, player stats and team rosters.

MAPS – Find a Location in a New Way

Want to find a restaurant or a gas station, this Maps app changes completely the way to perceive the world. Thought it received a lot of negative reviews. The vector based elements in this app offers incredible detailing of text and graphics. I can even know a street’s name from this app. If I am heading to some unknown place and I take a turn, this app tells me the direction I am moving to and I can easily know see the road. Also traffic conditions and special events are provided by this Maps app.

FACETIME – Face-to-Face Chatting

Get a Wi-Fi connection and use this app for amazing video chatting. With this app on my iPhone 5, I can satisfy in video calling to some other iPod touch, iPad, iPhone or Mac. Now, I have the option to arrange a meeting with the person living in another part of the world. Regardless of where I am living at the present moment, FaceTime allows me to stay connected with my family and friends who are in China.

PASSBOOK – Have Coupons, Cards and Boarding Passes Handy

I no more have to scroll through hundreds of mails with a paper printout, this app keeps my tickets, passes, coupons, and gifts cards all arranged in a proper fashion. With the help of Passbook, I can scan all these documents right from my iPhone. This app is location and time based and so, I can view the tickets and passes wherever and whenever I require them. This Passbook app is so advanced that I even get information about the change of gate while I am waiting for the flight. Can you imagine?

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