Andy Evans

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Andy is a very handsome guy but don't let him fool you. He's a high school senior who seems to have a long history of sexually abusing girls. Melinda is not the first girl raped by Andy, nor is she the first to keep quiet about the attack.


Melinda feel all sorts of emotions throughout this novel. Melinda feels alone, she feels alone because all of her friends want nothing to do with her because they think she called the cops on the party in the summer cause she's a snitch. She feels ugly, she was raped. she cuts herself and she doesn't think she is worth anything. She is scared because whenever she sees her attacker at school she feels invisible, alone, sick to her stomach.


If i transferred my main character to a new setting I don't think her situation would be any better because she was raped, if i put her in a new school or somewhere else she would still feel alone and scared, the only good thing would be that none one knows her and she could start over but what happened to her would still be with her