Aisa Country Profile

By Anna Kiener

Map of Taiwan



Capital of Taiwan



23,373,517 People

Type of Government

Constitutional republic

Leader of Taiwan

Ma Ying Jeou

Type of Economy

Developed Capitalist

Type of Currency

New Taiwan Dollar

The Currency Compared to the dollar

One New Taiwan dollar is the same at $0.03 in U.S dollars.

Taiwan's GDP Per Capita


Taiwan's GDP Rank in the World

21 in the PPP valuation.

Taiwan's Litercy Rate

98.04 percent

Life Expectancy for M/F

82 years for females

75-76 years for male

The Official Launguage

Starndard Chinese

3 Historical Events

September 2, 1945: On this day Japan formally surrenders in the deck of the U.S battleship Missouri, which had ended World War 2. Japan started to return China all the territories it had colonized.

June 27, 1950: On June 27, 1950 the U.S President Harry Truman had agreed to protect Taiwan against a possible attacking from mainland China. The U.S also had sent the Seventh Fleet that protruded the water between Taiwan and Chine.

March 18, 2000: On this very day Taiwan had held its second free presidential elections in history. Voters elected pro-independence candidate Chen Shui-bean of the Democratic Progressive Party, which was ending more than 50 years of Nationalist rule of Taiwan.

Do you feel your country's economy is successful?

Yes, I think that Taiwan's economy is successful because they have many industries that make money.

What is one company located in your country?

Aeon (motors)

Aeon (motors)

This company makes ATV's, scooters, and mini-bikes. They have also manufactured plastic parts for motorcycles and scooters for different companies.

Current Event in Taiwan.

Taiwan CEC warns of punishments to website falsely reporting Ebola in Taipai:

In Taipai, Taiwan there is a website that has falsely reported that there were 22 cases of the Ebola Virus. The Taiwan Center for Disease Control (CDC) has put out a warning that that with threat her of fines and jail time for those people that are spreading this inaccurate rumor. The CDC said "Spreading such inaccurate rumor is in violation of Article 63 the Communicable Disease Control Act." Which means that if you spread inaccurate rumors that concerns epidemic, this could end up resulting in damages to the public or others would be a fine up to NT$ 500,000. This case has been reported to the judicial police for further investigation by Taiwan's CDC.

What could Taiwan do it

They could work on maintaining diplomatic relations.