Daily Writing

Zayda Zalaznik, Period 4, Language Arts

May 16, 2016

Over the weekend I was very busy. On Friday, I went camping with my friend alli at Swiss Valley, it was really fun. When we first got there we had to set up so we put the sheets on the bunk beds and set food in cabinets. Then, we had a snack and painted nails then we went outside and rode our scooters. When i woke up the next morning we had cereal and donuts then i went home because my dad wanted to see me. At around five o'clock my friends Alli Recker and Alana Kremer came over and my brother also had two friends over Jake Thul and Jacob Cortade. We went to the park and got monsters and then alli and everyone got really hyper. So, we played sardines outside and jack and alana were hiding. It pretty much turned into a game of hide and seek because we were looking for them for 45 minutes and then we finally found them on the next door neighbors porch. On Sunday i had soccer in cedar rapids we lost both of our games but i played really well but now im super sun burnt.

May 17, 2016

Yesterday after school I went home and cleaned my room because it was so dirty you could barely see the floor! But i kind of just shoved everything in my closet and made my bed, whatever. The at 6:15 i had soccer practice at right height, we had a guest coach yesterday. He is the coach from Clarke woman's soccer and used to be the UNI coach. He taught me a lot of new things and it was really fun being taught by someone new with a different teaching style. Also I'm glad that brad didn't lead our practice because he barely even lets you play he just blows his whistle in your face. Then when i got home my dad had made a super good dinner. He made fried rice which is my favorite!

May 18, 2016

Yesterday when I got home from school I went upstairs and took a nap when I woke up I watched my favorite movie which is High School Musical. When i was finished with that i went downstairs and ate dinner, we had kabobs or whatever they are they had green and red peppers, red onion, steak, and chicken on them. They were so good! Then my dad started a fire and me and my brother made s'mores but it wasn't just a normal s'more it was s'mores with reeces that was my favorite part. After that my Gringa (grandma) came over and so did my step moms friend that lives in San Francisco.

May 19, 2016

One thing I'm looking forward to doing this summer is hanging out with my friends. I think that that's my favorite part because my friends always make me happy no matter what kind of mood im in and if i am happy they make me even more happy. When im with them i have soo much fun! My favorite people to hang out with in the summer is Alli Recker and Alana Kremer because we usually go to Alana's house and there are a lot of kids that go to our school that live by Alana like chace. When we hangout with Chace we always take rides on his ranger at night and we jump on the neighbors trampoline. The last time we jumped off a camper on too the trampoline! Anyways its so fun. Another thing im looking forward to is having some time off from soccer. Even though i love soccer its nice to have a break and focus on other things. Like instead of going to practice every Thursday and Tuesday I get to hangout with my friends.

May 23, 2015

Over the weekend I had a lot of fun.On Friday, Alli Recker came home from school with me and we babysat some family friends. On Saturday, My dad, madde, alli, jack, chase, and I all went out on the river in our new boat. It was so nice, when we got my dad drove the boat to nine mile and me and alli got in the water it was so cold! Then, we went back and got my grandma and drove back to nine mile then we stayed there for a while then my dad had to go and get some friends and he left us alone at the beach until he came back and took us home. When we got home me and alli took showers and then we ate some chinease food. Then we went to the gas station got snacks and then we sat around and finally went back up stairs and went to bed. The new morning i didnt go to soccer because i didnt feel good so i sat in bed and watched netflix all day!

Independent Reading

The book im reading is called thirteen reasons why, it is a book about thrirteen reasons why a girl committed suicide. Before she committed suicide she reacorded thriteen tapes each of which were reason that she took her life. Each tape was set upon a specific person, thre wasd a side a and side be and weirdly everything seemed to fit together perfectly. The book is from a perspective of a boy named Clay Jansen, he had recieved the tapes in the mail and had been listening to them and going to the places with red stars on the map which had something to do with every side of the tape. This book requires a really mature reader that can handle a book thats really serious. The story may npt be real but in reality someone takes their own life everyday, there can be many reasons why but hannah has only thirteen reasons, thirteen people.

May 24, 2016

Yesterday after school i went on my phone until 6:15 when I went to soccer practice. At soccer practice we did 30 minutes of warm up where we did these line things with ladders and back peddling. Then, we play a game where there was 2 grids with two teams and you had to get down to one pass to win. After that there was a coach that was going to coach us at the madison red in which is tounament on the weekend of June 4th his name is sam and hes really nice and seems like a good coach.

May 25, 2016

Yesterday after school i went home and then my grandma picked me up or as we call her Gringa, she took me and my brother to Greenhouse pizza with some family friends there names are Dave, Paige, Claire, and Hope they are so nice. Then i went back to gringa's house and stayed the night. When we got to her house my brother sang karyoke to me and her and he was getting really annoyed and then I got to take a shower in her brand new bathroom!

May 26, 2016

Ever since I was little i have had a hard time doing math and yesterday i was so proud of myself. I got 100 percent on my math quiz for the second time! When i looked at my grade in powerschool i was so shocked and proud because i got 100 percent last week too! But then today we had to turn in our math book and i kind of lost mine so it looks like ill be spending my summer vacation babysitting to pay 50 dollars for a new book. Ugh thats going to suck. Tonight i have to go to soccer and the we are going to go to Chicago and go shopping on Friday and then on Saturday we are going to a Beyonce concert! That will be really fun because im going with my best friend Alli Ehlinger.

Independant Reading

In my book i am at the part where he listens to his tape in his tape she says that Clay (the guy listening) is a really nice guy, she had been waiting for so long everyday she would hear people talk about Clay but they wopuld all be good things. She said Clay was on the tape because he just left her after their kiss didnt talk to her, not one word. He wasnt there for her when she needed him.