Deve. & less developed countries

Haiti vs italy

What is the current population of each country?

The current population of haiti is 10.5 million.

The current population of Italy is 59.83 millon

How is the current population structured in terms of age,gender.


Male-61.77 years

Female-64.6 years


Male- 80.3

Female- 85.2

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What is the average life expectancy?

The life expectancy of Haiti birth rate total birth population 63.18 years.

The life expectancy of Italy birth rate is 82.94 years

population distrubuted & where do people live?


14 34% male 1,701,559 female 1,693,236

15-24 21.6% male 1,078,994 female 1,081,005

25-54 35.3% male 1,755,722 female 1,770,386

55-64 years 4.1% male 183,627 female 227,659


0-14 years: 13.8% (male-4,340,943/female-4,154,547)

15-24 years: 9.8% (male- 3,046,202/female- 3,028,190)

25-54 years: 43% (male- 13,107,098/female- 13,405,812)

55-64 years: 12.4 % (male- 3,703,329/female- 3,942,261)

65 and over: 21% (male- 5,548,047/female- 7,403,693)

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population change over time?


the population for Haiti will increase overtime population has doubled over last 25 to 30 years.


italy population is increasing it averaged 55.94 million from 1960 to 2014

future for the population?

Haiti will grow and reach about 10,497,847 in 2016

Italy- population aging is creating fears for countries destiny. It is affecting the health of the country as a whole 21% of italys population are people over 65

how secure is each country's food supply? Future? How does this effect the population?

Haiti-30 percent of the population considered food insecure they don't have medicine,clean water,and unable to attend school.

Italy- Secure food supply they provide consumers with nutrition food that helps diets. contributed $55 million to reduce hunger and improve nutrients.

significant health care concerns and how its related to the population?


people in Haiti can not afford to pay for visit to the doctor

because of the level of poverty usually means unsanitary mortality rate live births

Italy- 1 in 10 italians are obese, 25 % of the country suffer from elevated cholesterol level,not many would want to live in italy because of this

current events causing change in the population?


January 12,2010 Haiti had a earthquake at least 200,000 died


falling birth rate, rising death rates

significant environmental problems/concerns

Haiti - clearing land for agriculture and fuel use

Italy- Air pollution from industrial emissons such sulfur dioxide, costal and inland rivers polluted from agricultural effluents.