Politics In Canada

Refugees flooding to Canada

Justin Trudeau has promised to move 25 000 Syrian Refugees to Canada from the war zone that has taken over their homes. He is setting up homes, jobs and areas for them to settle down and become Canadian citizens. The rescuing of these innocent people is being done quite soon, getting started this year. The sooner we get them out of the destruction, the better. These people deserve a happy life, and Canada is ready and willing to give them just that.

Yoga class canceled at university of Ottawa

A yoga class was cancelled at the university of Ottawa. The class was deemed culturally appropriating, as Yoga comes from India. The school thinks that the free class that was run by Jen Scharf was inappropriate. A more accessible class may return, but Scharf is still looking for a program that will support her class. There are still yoga classes during tests, and through the summer, just not through out the year.

Syrian refugees learning English

A Toronto man is offering lessons in English to Syrian refugees over Facebook. Kanwar Anit Singh Saini is a 34 year old man who works at the Ddurham Regional School as a speech and language pathologist, helping children and adults overcome their difficulties in speech and language. He is offering his skills to anyone who has difficulty learning English, or anyone who is new to the language and has no idea where to start. You can contact him on his Facebook page.

Getting Refugees to Canada

The Syrian refugees are being moved from their shelters to Jordan's airport, a temporary place for the 25, 000 people escaping the terror that is their home to go to Canada. They will arrive on commercial planes or even military planes from late December to mid February.

My opinion

We as a country can take in more refugees. We can house them in less densely populated areas, and provide them with food, water, shelter, education, and jobs.