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How to Apply the Perfect Shellac Manicure Bellevue WA

In case you're a nail shine junkie or continuous salons on the normal, then you've doubtlessly effectively heard this present year's popular expression "shellac". Furthermore for the individuals who haven't? Give us a chance to clarify.

Shellac is a dependable acrylic-gel based nail clean that dries just about quickly by curing it under an UV light. The last come about is a splendidly smooth and even nail treatment that gives the impression of fake nails however without the harm that they can bring about.

Best of all, dissimilar to standard shine which will wear down after a few days, a legitimately done shellac nail treatment will keep going for 2-4 weeks significantly under the hardest conditions!

Is it true that you are sold? Right on, now how about we get to the fun part-how to apply shellac legitimately and superbly. Whether you have your own particular supplies and are doing your nails at home or are having them done at a salon, these steps are urgent to accomplishing an excellent nail trim come what may.


· Cuticle Pushier

· Nail File

· Clippers

· LED Nail Lamp

· Nail Buffer

· Scrub Fresh or Nail Polish Remover

· Base Coat

· Top Coat

· Shellac Nail Color Polish

1. Clean up Your Nails

Before you even touch the shellac, you'll need to clean up your hands to verify you get that "salon crisp" look. Evacuate any earth or shine remainders with Scrub Fresh or nail shine remover, conceal fingernail skin with a fingernail skin pusher, trim any hang nails with scissors, and shape your nails into your state of decision with a record.

2. Buff your Nails

Delicately buff away any sparkle or unpleasant edges from your nails with a nail support cushion. You would prefer not to thin or sand down your nails, so be delicate. You simply need to verify that you have a clean and matte surface for the shellac shine to legitimately hold fast to.

3. Apply Your Base

Apply one layer of Shellac UV Base to your hand, and permit it to cure under the UV light for 10 seconds. Rehash with second hand.

4. Apply Your Polish

Rotating hands, apply one layer of Shellac Color Polish and let cure under the UV light for 2 minutes. Rehash for second layer, and third if color is not yet dark. Be mindful be that as it may, that the thicker the layer of shellac is, the more probable it is to peel off.

5. Apply Top Coat

Apply a layer of topcoat to one hand, and let shine cure for 2 minutes under the UV light. Rehash for second hand.

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