Ms. Pittman's Class

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Online Learning

Below you will find two links to access this week's lessons. The first link will allow your child to access digital resources for your child to complete. Don't feel overwhelmed when you look at it. We want you to know this is just for you to use as a resource throughout the week.

The second link is to sign up for a printed packet. (The printed packets are the same or similar assignments to the digital, however, just in printed form.) At this time this link will need to be completed no later than Monday to allow for printing, pick up and completion prior to next week's packet being printed.

Please remember these activities are NOT MANDATORY. We know everyone is adjusting to a new normal so we did our best to hit all academic areas. Feel free to use what you feel is important! We certainly know this is not the perfect situation and we will do our best to adjust the amount of assignments for the following weeks. A suggestion would be to start with a couple of content areas a day.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Epic reading code is gvi0209

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Class Mission Statement

We will work hard.

We will be a kind friend.

We will try our best.

We will have a great day.

Schofield Newsletter

Check out Schofield's website for more information about great things happening at our school!

Schofield's Attendance Goal

Schofield's building level goal is 96% monthly attendance. Our year to date proportional attendance is 94.28%.


We work a lot on setting goals and working towards them. Below are our current goals.


Literacy: Above 80% of students will be able to read a level D book (instructional level). We are currently at 25%. This is an end of K expectation.

Math: Above 80% of students will be able to identify the partners of 10. This is an end of K expectation as well. We are currently at 37%.

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Online Games is a great resource to practice literacy and math skills.

Letter blaster alphabet game Letter identification

Letter path of movement- uppercase

Letter path of movement - lowercase

Number path of movement

Greg Tang Math

Ten Frames

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