Ms. Pittman's Class

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Class Mission Statement

We will work hard.

We will be a kind friend.

We will try our best.

We will have a great day.

Schofield Newsletter

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Schofield's Attendance Goal

Schofield's building level goal is 96% monthly attendance. Our year to date proportional attendance is 94.21%.

Building School Improvement Plan and School Performance

It is Schofield Elementary's goal to make sure 100% of students are proficient with Missouri Learning Standards for math and literacy.

Reading- We will continue with non-fiction text features, main topic and topic details.

Writing- We will continue our unit on informative writing. We will be finishing up our writing on Washington and Lincoln and will do some informative writing about animals.

Math- Next week we will start unit 4 and will work on coins, teen numbers, partners of 10 and addition and subtraction story problems.

Science/Social Studies- We will have WIN time on Tuesday/Thursday. We will finish our unit on Washington and Lincoln.

Sight Words

Throughout the year we will be learning sight words. The goal is for them to be able to read them quickly and write them correctly in their writing pieces. A great way to practice them at home is for your child to write them or to find them in books as you are reading at home. Students are expected to read 28 sight words by the end of the third quarter.

Words we have learned: we, the, go, to, is, like, see, it, and, with, can, my, at, me, play, look, in, am, an, are, be, you, here, not, got, up, so, no, he, she, went

New words this week: for, on, of

Things to Work on at Home

-writing upper and lowercase letters correctly

-letter sounds

-sight words

-counting to 100

-writing first & last (first letter uppercase, the remaining lowercase)

-write & identify numbers 0-20

-tying shoes

-zipping coat


We work a lot on setting goals and working towards them. Below are our current goals.


Literacy: We met our literacy goal! 93% of students are able to read 20 or more sight words. Our new literacy goal will be 13/16 students (above 80%) will be reading a level C text. This is the expectation for 3rd quarter. We are currently at 75%

Math: Our new math goal is for students to identify quarter, dime, nickel and penny. We are currently at 37%

K-2 Counselor

During our next visit from Ms. Pietruszynski, students in Kindergarten and 2nd grade will discuss kindness and ways to be a good friend. Students will discuss the importance of being kind to others and respecting our differences while 1st grade will wrap up their careers unit. As always, feel free to contact Ms. Pietruszynski with any questions/concerns you might have regarding your student.


Phone: 417-732-3610.

Tiger Paws & Attendance

Students are able to earn tiger paws when they are being safe, respectful and following expectations. Each time our class earns 50 tiger paws we are able to move up on the wall and earn something special. We have currently have 411 tiger paws.

We are working hard on our attendance. Each day we have perfect attendance we earn a letter to spell ATTENDANCE. We currently have ATT

Kindergarten Screening

Attention incoming Republic School District Kindergarten families! Kindergarten screening and enrollment dates have been set for the 2020-2021 school year! Schofield will have appointments available on March 25th. Any child who resides in the Republic School District boundaries that will be 5 on or before July 31 is eligible. Visit for details. Call 417.732.3610 now to make your appointment! We are excited to welcome the class of 2033 to school!

Dates to Remember

- February 21st- PTO's Bingo Night

- March 10th- Field Trip

- March 13th- PTO Spring Party @ 1:00

- March 16th- Spring Break

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Below are items we could use in our classroom:

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Online Games is a great resource to practice literacy and math skills.

Letter blaster alphabet game Letter identification

Letter path of movement- uppercase

Letter path of movement - lowercase

Number path of movement

Greg Tang Math

Ten Frames

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