Ms. Pittman's Class

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Class Mission Statement

I will work hard.

I will be a kind friend.

I will try my best.

I will have a great day.

Schofield Newsletter

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Schofield's Attendance Goal

Schofield's building level goal is 96% monthly attendance.

Building School Improvement Plan and School Performance

It is Schofield Elementary's goal to make sure 100% of students are proficient with Missouri Learning Standards for math and literacy.




Science/Social Studies-

Things to Work on at Home

-identify upper and lowercase letters

-counting to 20

-writing first name (first letter uppercase, the remaining lowercase)

-cutting, coloring

-writing numbers 0-5


We work a lot on setting goals and working towards them. Below are our current goals.




K-2 Counselor

Ms. Pietruszynski, our school counselor, will begin classroom visits starting the week of 8/26. Look for information about our school counseling program to come home with your student next week.

Upcoming Events

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Box Tops

Our school collects Box Tops year round. If you have Box Tops at home please send them in at any time. Box Tops can be found on hundreds of product packages. Our school earn 10 cents for every Box Top, which adds up quickly!

Dates to Remember

-Thursday, August 15th- First day of school

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Below are items we could use in our classroom:

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Online Games is a great resource to practice literacy and math skills.

Letter blaster alphabet game Letter identification

Letter path of movement- uppercase

Letter path of movement - lowercase

Number path of movement

Greg Tang Math

Ten Frames

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Standards Based Grading


On Friday, September 15 your student will receive his or her first progress report of the school year. This report provides a snapshot of your child’s learning and how they are performing at school thus far. Before receiving this report I wanted to remind parents about our district’s grading practice. In kindergarten through 5th grade Republic School District utilizes Standards Based Grading (SBG).

We implemented SBG several years ago through a pilot program and then expanded to all elementary grade levels for the 2016-17 school year. Therefore, this system is most likely very familiar to families who have been in district for a few years. However, this communication is to refresh your understanding of SBG and to also make sure our “new to Republic” families have a good understanding of our grading system.

Standards Based Grading is a best practice grading and reporting system that gives students, parents and teachers detailed information about how each individual student is performing on specific learning goals (or standards). Instead of an overall A, B, C, etc., students receive an “advanced”, “met”, “approaching”, or “not met” on each individual learning goal (or standard). These “grades” give students, parents and teachers the opportunity to specifically identify where the child is excelling and where they need extra assistance.

You can learn more about SBG by visiting Feel free to contact me with questions or you can reach out to our Elementary Curriculum Specialist, Jennie Ritter at