Queen BEElievers Weekly BLAST!

April 8th - 14th

This Thursday - MULTIMASKING!

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April Team Building Promotion!

Take advantage of the company Starter Kit Promotion. AND our new Pearl Promotion!
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Bitty Bees are BACK!

Get you a hive this month!! Every recruit who signs her agreement this month gets you a Bitty Bee. Collect your hive this month only!!

When we add 10 new consultants (not including my recruits) I will do a drawing for $100 cash to 1 lucky recruiter. If we add 20 new consultants (not including my recruits) I will do 2 $100 cash drawing to a lucky recruiter.

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Check out our new marketing video!

20 Party Challenge

For those of you working on the 20 party challenge, here is a benchmark contest for you by the 15th of this month.

Hold 3 shows and place at least a $300 wholesale order, and/or move up a level on the career path, and you will get a very exclusive, very secretive, invite.

The info is not to be released until May 1st, but those who meet this challenge will get invited to a top secret meeting (out of state can be video chatted in) where you will be the 1st to hear and see the new product and product changes. Trust me....you will want this info!!

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Brenda Austin

Queen BEElievers Unit!