Dominican Repulic

"God, Fatherland, Liberty"

Weather and Climate

Come visit the tropical island of the Dominacn Repulic wher eall your dreams come true!!The island is never to hot and never to cold the annual averag tempeture is 77 degrees fahrenheit. The coolest months of the year are January and Febuary. On th eother hand the hottest month of the year is August.

About the Dominican Repulic

Dominicans are very cheerful, sociable,friendly people. If you ever get lost of need help with anything just ask they almost never refuse. The local law enforcement are also very friendly if you need help with anything just ask and they will help you. The currency is Dominican pesos. here in the Dominican repulic there are over 350 beaches to explore adn do fun things such as scuba diving and wakebording.Come check out our tropical island.
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Dominican Republic Tourism