Beary Good Bears

Mrs. Jenkins' Class

What We Are Learning

Math: Review skills

Reading and Writing: Integrated for End Of Year Memory Book

Science: Health

Social Studies: Citizenship

Important Dates To Remember

Countdown to Summer:

Tuesday-Picnic Day (Picnic in classroom with teacher. Can bring a towel to sit on. Bring a sack lunch)

Wednesday-Talent Show

Thursday-Video Day (Enjoy a movie and popcorn in the classroom.)

Friday-Party Day!

Monday, May 30th-No School

Friday, June 3rd-End of Year Parties; Half Day (early release-12:30)

*Party time-10:15-10:55


Thank You!

This has been a a wonderful year! Thank you parents, for letting me be a part of your child's life! I am so thankful! On Thursday of last week, 3 beautiful young ladies came by my class after school, walked through my door and said, "Mrs. Jenkins, do you remember us?" I looked at them for a while and they finally told me their names. Then, I saw the little angelic faces that I saw 12 years ago sitting in my class! They are graduating this year! Hard to believe! But, it was what one of them said that made me almost cry: "You taught me how to read!" Wow! I realized then that I made a difference in her life.

I pray that I have made a difference in your child's life in a positive way. One of my students said the other day, "Thank you for helping me reach my goal!" Tears filled my eyes!

I read a quote some time back: "When you make the decision to have a child, you have accepted the fact that your heart will walk outside your body the rest of your life." So true!

I love these little ones! They have made a difference in my life! Thank you for this year! They have a special place in my heart.

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