Who Discovered America?

There Are Many People Who Claim To Have Discovered It

My Belief

I believe that the Native Americans are the ones who discovered America. My reasoning behind this is that when Columbus came to the new land, Native Americans were there to greet him. The Native Americans, or truly called Tainos, lived for tens of thousands of years on the continent before Columbus ever set foot on the continent.

Proof of the Discovery of America by Tainos

As said in the previous paragraph, the Tainos lived on the continent for tens of thousands of years before Columbus ever set foot on the land. Scientists also discovered plots of land that had the outline of houses from the Native Americans thousands of years before Columbus. Historians and scientists also discovered a strip of land from tens of thousands of years ago between Asia and North America. This strip of land is called Beringia. Scientists believe that Native Americans crossed this strip of land to get over to the Americas, possibly proving that they may be Asian. The Native Americans had lived there for 10-50,000 years before Christopher Columbus.

People to have claimed to have discovered America